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Building & Inspections

The Building and Inspection Department handles and issues all building permits for Lehi City.

The City has certified inspectors who are qualified plan examiners and inspectors for all types of building construction with the purpose to promote a safe and professional building quality for Lehi City.

Important Notes

Help us more efficiently conduct inspections by ensuring that your project is ready before scheduling an inspection. Re-inspection fees will be assessed when a project is clearly not ready. Letter from the Building Official


As per September 25, 2017, Lehi City will no longer accept plans over 42″X30″. 

Note for Inspections: Please allow 24 hours notice for any type of inspection.

Note for General Contractors: It is important for the General Contractor to understand that it is his/her responsibility to be sure this project is constructed in full compliance with all state and local Codes and Ordinance. The plans are not all inclusive of all minimum codes and ordinances. This fact does not relieve the Contractor from compliance with all minimum standards. No omission from these plans gives permission for violation for any code or ordinance. No approval ever grants permission to violate any code or town ordinance.

Inspection Status Updates

Developers and contractors can now check the status of inspections. You will need either the building permit number, the site address, or the subdivision and lot number.

Forms and Information

Connection & Impact Fees

Permit Application

If completing the Permit Application for a sign, you need to put the cost of the sign and installation on the total valuation line, lower left. Please also include the following:

  • Elevation sheets that were approved in planning and DRC, with dimensions,
  • All related structural sheets must be stamped, signed, and dated by engineer of record
  • A plot plan showing the distance from 2 unmovable points to reference where the sign is to be located.
  • Curbs, fire hydrants, light poles, and other structures that allow the distances to be measured from 2 different points.

E mailed applications less than 10 pages will be accepted through Signs must be outside of easements unless approved in DRC.

Contractor Hold Harmless Agreement

Gas Pipe Diagram Example

Building Checklists


The Lehi Building Department will no longer accept commercial plans outside of these parameters: Minimum 36 X 24 inches; Maximum 42 X 30 inches. All plan sheets need to be the same size.

New Commercial Permit Requirements

Commercial Tenant Finish

Commercial Remodel Permit Requirements


New Residential Construction

Residential Addition

Residential Basement Finish

Residential Detached Garage or Shed


Commercial and Residential projects that include solar power must also submit an application to the Lehi City Power Department. Visit the Power Department website for information on solar power in Lehi.

Solar Permit Check List

Current Codes and Design Standards

Current Codes

  • 2018 I-codes (2015 IRC)
  • 2017 NEC
  • ICC/ANSI A117.1-2009
  • All Adopted Utah State Amendments

Design Criteria

  • Ground Snow Load: 43 psf
  • Roof Snow Load: 30 psf
  • Wind Speed 115 Exposure C
  • Seismic Design Category: D2
  • Frost Line Depth: Minimum 30″


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