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Report an outage

Call 801.376.0681 if you are experiencing an outage. Our crews will be dispatched to the area to determine the cause and restore power as quickly as possible.

You can now text in a power outage to Lehi City Power by texting “out” to 85700! Also, sign up to get text updates during an outage by texting “Lehi” to 85700.  You can update your information by calling us at 385.201.1000 or update with our “PowerOn” Program! (Please allow 2 business days for the system to update your information)

About Lehi City Power

The Lehi City Power Department provides reliable electrical service to our customers with local control and competitive rates. The Power Department manages power operations under three department divisions: Planning & Engineering, Operations, and Metering & Substations. Linemen and operators are responsible for the construction and maintenance of overhead and underground lines. Operators also provide maintenance to the power system, install and repair meters, troubleshoot voltage problems, and maintain streetlights.