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Lehi Cityscape

Citywide Goals and Objectives

In February 2020 the City Council and administration reviewed their long-term goals and objectives for Lehi City based on the book “The One Thing,” by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan. The purpose of the program is for the City Council to identify the one goal they would like to achieve in the future. In turn, leaders at each level of the city’s administrative departments will implement short-term goals that assist in achieving that long-term goal.

City goal chart


As part of the FY 2021 City Council Budget Retreat, the Mayor and City Council described their hopes for the future of Lehi. They illustrated a city that focuses on open space for families to enjoy, a place to live and work, planning for future growth, building trust with residents, and being a sustainable city. Several goals were established including preparing for regional parks, conducting a fiber feasibility study, and updating the Parks, Trails, and Open Space Master Plan; and Transportation Master Plan.

When creating the City’s long-term goal, which is to develop a cutting edge, family-centric community, the City Council and administration considered the results of the 2020 Resident Satisfaction Survey. The results of the survey are found on the Public Relations webpage.

One goal


All department goals are based on the City’s overarching long-term goal. You can review each departments’ goals here.