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cemetery statueInformation about the Cemetery

Please contact us 48 hours prior to any burial for our preparations.

The burial space and interment must be paid for prior to the opening of the grave site. Please see the fee schedule, in the tabs to the right, to determine pricing.

The owner/designee of the space must come to the office to sign that they agree to the space being opened, and give permission for the staff to open the correct grave.

Deceased persons information is available at the gazebo located at the main entrance of the cemetery, or by calling our office.

The Gazebo information is updated once a year before Memorial Day.

The Infant Area is now available for use in burying infants up to age 2 years old, or that will fit within a 5×5 half -sized grave. The costs are very affordable. Please call the office for more information.

Removal of Decorations

All grave decorations at the Lehi City Cemetery will be removed by cemetery staff in a timely manner as per City Ordinance.  In the seasonal months of mowing and trimming, we clean and remove items on a weekly basis. Please be cautious of the items you put on your loved ones grave, as theft and vandalism do occur.

Cemetery Ordinance – Municipal Code Title 8 Chapter 7