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Solar Power

net meter update 5/19/2022

After meeting with our net meter supplier today, it is anticipated that we will not receive any net meters until 2023.

This website will be updated as new information becomes available.

**effective Immediately** (4/12/2022)

lehi City will not accept solar applications

Lehi City is currently NOT accepting solar applications.  Our electrical metering vendor has notified us of supply chain issues that will prevent completion of the power interconnection for solar systems.   At this time the vendor has not provided details on when this issue can be resolved. We are working diligently to determine when a resolution can be reached and we can once again provide the meters and begin connecting solar customers to the power system.

If you have further questions, please call 385-201-1040 and talk to Nicole or Melanie


Solar Power for your home

Are you considering a solar energy system for your home to generate electricity?  Check out the Solar Power Consumer’s Guide to determine how solar power may benefit you.

lehi power information

•  Lehi Power Residential Electric Rate – 8.7¢ kWh

•  Lehi Power has not raised the Residential Electric Rate in over 20 years

Solar Savings Calculator

System Info

Size (KW):

Cost ($):

Federal Credits* ($):

State Credits** ($):

Connection Fees ($):

Total Cost ($):

Generation/Year (Kwh):

Savings/Year ($):

Payback (Years):

* Maximum is 30%, If the federal tax credit exceeds tax liability, the excess amount may be carried forward to the succeeding taxable until 2016
** 25% of eligible system cost or $1,200, whichever is less. Any tax credit in excess of tax due will not be refunded, but may be carried forward to offset tax for up to four years.

Net Metering Program

Net Metering Program Policy

Net Metering License Agreement

Net Metering Standards and Application

Solar Feed-in Tariff Policy

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