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Lehi Cityscape


apartment complex building


The Building and Inspection Department manages all building permits for Lehi City. The City has certified inspectors for all types of building construction with the purpose to promote a safe and professional building quality for Lehi City.

business building exterior

Economic Development

The Economic Development Department works with businesses to recognize the benefits of bringing their company to Lehi. Learn more about Lehi’s quality of life, downtown revitalization, and reinvestment areas. 

businesswoman working on desk using calculator analyzing finance


The Finance Department manages the City’s financial resources and assets by providing budget, purchasing, accounting, and funding direction for the City. The Treasury and Utility Billing Division oversees billing, cash and investments. 

Fire Department

Lehi Fire Department has a proud history of serving our community. We offer community education through fire prevention and safety programs and superior service from the most highly-trained emergency responders. 

an interviewer reviews a resume with a candidate

Human Resources

The Human Resources Division is responsible for maintaining employee records, coordinating employee benefit and education programs, communicating personnel policies and procedures, and ensuring quality recruitment.

pen sitting on terms and conditions paperwork

Legal Services

The Legal Services Department serves Lehi City through the practice of law according to the highest professional standards. The department consists of three divisions: Civil Services, Criminal Services, and Risk Management.

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Planning and Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Division promotes health, safety, good design, and efficiency while guiding the physical development of the community to meet present and future needs of its citizens. The Division serves as staff to the Planning Commission and City Council.

Lehi City Police Cruiser

Police Department

The Police Department ensures a safe and secure community by serving and protecting all people and property within the City limits. This is done through the coordinated efforts of patrol officers, detectives, code enforcement officers, and animal control officers.

power lineman on a pole fixing a power line

Power Department

Since 1927, Lehi Power has provided reliable electrical service to our customers through local control and competitive rates. We have a diversified portfolio of power sources, including hydroelectric, coal, wind, natural gas, and heat recovery sources. 

playground equipment at a neighborhood park

Public Relations

The Public Relations division manages community information and public outreach. Learn about our annual resident survey, the Lehi Photo Contest, the city newsletter, and our social media platforms. Media inquiries are directed to the Communications Manager. 

irrigation sprinkler

Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for the City’s water, sewer, storm drains, and public streets. The department aims to provide quality services to Lehi residents through (1) strong leadership, (2) excellent technical skills, and (3) experienced administrative support.