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Business FAQs

Do I Need a Business License?

A valid Lehi City business license is required for all businesses that are located within the corporate limits of Lehi City. A business license is the means whereby Lehi City Corporation grants permission to engage in a business activity at a specific location within the City. The definition of business includes every craft, trade, occupation, profession or activity engaged in for the purpose of gain or economic profit. A separate license shall be required for each type of business and for each place of business located within Lehi City.

What is the Purpose of a Business License?

The purpose of a business license is to regulate and license businesses within the corporate limits of Lehi City; to determine if businesses are operating within applicable laws and ordinances; to maintain a safe environment for the general public; and to assure that zoning, building, and fire codes are enforced.

What are the fees?

  • General Business License – $100.00
  • Solicitor-Peddler – $50/solicitor
  • Seasonal (Christmas tree lot, snow cone shack etc) – $60.00
  • Temporary Business – $60.00
  • Mobile Food Vendors – $60.00
  • Fireworks – $60.00
  • Beer License – $175.00
  • Alcohol License – $320.00
  • Home Occupation – No Fee
    • Impact fee – $25.00

35% late fee if business license renewal is not paid within 45 days from expiration. If license is closed after the 45 days a reactivation fee will apply to reopen account. $25.00

How Do I Get a Lehi City Business License?

Obtaining a business license in Lehi City begins by submitting a Business License Application. A business being run from a residence needs a Home Occupation Application.  All businesses must be cleared through the Planning and Zoning department for use approval and inspected by the Lehi Fire Marshal prior to a license being issued. The Planning Department can be reached at 385.201.1030, and the Fire Department at 385.201.2224.

For seasonal and other temporary uses (fireworks, snow shack, Christmas Tree lot, etc.) a temporary use permit must also be obtained through the Planning and Zoning Department.

Door to Door sales, or Solicitors, need to fill out a Solicitor’s Application. Click here for the requirements and application.

To register your business name with the State and/or to get a sales tax number go to

How Long Does it Take to Get a Lehi City Business License?

It takes approximately two weeks for your license to be issued, assuming your place of business passes any required inspections, the application was completed properly, the zoning allows the proposed use, and the business does not require a conditional use permit.

How Long is a Business License Valid?

Lehi City business licenses are valid for one calendar year, starting from issue date.  (EX: Jan to Dec or  March to Feb.) Business licenses that are not renewed within 45 days from expiration date they will be charged a 25% delinquent fee.

What do I do if my Business is Changing Location?

Business licenses are tied to a physical location. If your business is moving to a new location within Lehi City, a new zoning approval and business license must be obtained. Contact the Planning and Zoning Department at 385.201.1030.

How can I submit My Application?

All applications can be submitted through our website at

For any other questions please call our Information Center Department at 385-201-1000