Lehi Family Week

Family Week is a week full of activities designed to bring families closer together. During Family Week several families are honored for their hard work and commitment to their families. Read our Family Week Magazine to learn about the Outstanding Families and Businesses featured this year.

Mayor’s Message

Bert WilsonLehi Family Week is a wonderful thing to celebrate. It gives us a chance to reflect on the blessings of life and the blessings of those around us. No matter where we live or how far from home we travel, we always know that someone is waiting and praying for us. It really doesn’t matter if you have a large family, a small family, or don’t have a blood relative to be found. Someone somewhere does care for you. You can count on that! It may be family, a neighbor, a friend, or someone across town. Each of us should take the time to share that kind of relationship with someone in our community. Both friends and family can bring peace of mind and feelings of love.

I would hope that every citizen in our community and in surrounding communities will take the opportunity to attend the Lehi Family Week activities. They provide a chance to strengthen the values we have and the blessing in our lives. Let’s not forget that family is about a relationship, not a blood line. So take a neighbor and enjoy the wholesome activities that will be going on all week. You’re sure to find plenty to do and enjoy. Remember, memories are made up of the things we do and who we do them with, not the things we forgot to do or wish we had done.

Come to all the events and tell them you are a guest of the mayor. Let’s love more, forgive more, do more, appreciate what we have, stop worrying about what we want, and be grateful that we have a community who cares about each other and our families.

Gratefully your Mayor,

Bert Wilson

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