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Lehi Cityscape

Environmental Sustainability

The Environmental Sustainability Committee focuses on providing information and education to residents regarding important environmental issues. Issues include recycling, air quality, water efficiency, energy usage, and transportation. Committee members serve as volunteers and are appointed by the mayor. 

Committee Members

Susan Wilson (Committee Chair)

Kenneth Roberts – Transportation

Chad Watkins – Air Quality

Christina Nielson – Recycling

Montane Hamilton – Water

Madeline Scott – Energy

Vanessa Perez – Environment

Environmental Sustainability Committee recruitment.

Clean Air Challenge 

Participate in July’s Clear the Air Challenge! Invite your friends and family to participate with you. Visit to register. 

Click on the links to learn more.

sun and clouds with a blue sky

Air Quality

Residents can make little changes, such as reducing vehicle idle times, to help improve air quality. The Sustainability Committee will be providing tips and information on air quality January through March 2020. 

Air Quality resources:

Human Health and Economic Costs of Air Pollution in Utah

School Idling Project 

Horse Butte Wind Turbines

Energy Usage

Lehi has a diversified energy portfolio, including traditional and clean energy sources (i.e. wind). We recently built a generation facility that uses clean and efficient natural gas generators. The facility will be used during peak energy usage times. 

The Committee will focus on energy savings from April through June 2020. 

Energy Conservation

recycling container


Curbside recycling is available to all utility customers. Glass recycling is available through a large bin in the parking lot across from City Hall. Please see the information in the links below for what can be recycled in our curbside container. For more information visit

Recycling Information 

Recycling Mythbuster

Frontrunner train


Lehi City is working with UDOT and UTA on creating master transportation plans to improve mass transit options throughout the city. Mass transit is a great resource to improve traffic congestion and reduce emissions. 

The Committee will provide tips and education on mass transit from July through September 2020. 

irrigation sprinklerWater Efficiency

Water efficiency and conservation is an important topic for our desert climate. There are many resources available to residents to help improve efficiency and conserve this valuable resource. Visit our Water Conservation page for more information. 

Lehi City is partnering with the Jordan River Commission to improve the water quality of the Jordan River. There are seven miles of the Jordan River that run through Lehi.  

Water-Wise Landscape Guidelines 

Drought Tolerant Flowers

Creating Water-Wise Park Strips 

Accepting Water-Wise Landscape Nominations in the Spring!



Understanding environmental health factors is crucial as they directly impact human well-being. For instance, radon, a radioactive gas commonly found in homes, poses a significant risk of lung cancer when inhaled. Awareness of potential hazardous chemical exposure is crucial in workplaces and your daily life, requiring informed decisions and proactive measures. This involves staying informed, using radon testing kits, and creating prevention measures in your home and work. Prevention measures include understanding product labels, using protective equipment, and and advocating for safer alternatives at work. Educating your household about environmental health and promoting sustainability in your communities and workplaces helps prevent environmental health hazards.

Resources: Radon Pamphlet
 Stay informed about radon