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Special event permits are required of any:
(1) private function such as a fund-raiser, party, race, over-sized group picnics, etc.,
(2) that intends to use city property such as roads, sidewalks, parks, etc.,
(3) in a way that may interfere with the public’s typical use of this property,
(4) and/or requires the dedication of additional city staff or services. (See Municipal Code 5.29)

You can obtain a permit by filling out an application through the link above, at the city Administrative Offices, or by calling the Special Event Coordinator. Submit the completed application to the Special Event Coordinator or in person at the city offices. Your application will then be reviewed by a committee before being given approval and receiving a Special Event Permit. Please allow a minimum of 30 days prior to your event. The penalty for not obtaining a Special Event Permit when one is required is an infraction with up to a $750 fine. (See Municipal Code 5.29) You must keep a copy of your permit with you during your event.

Once you have submitted an application (and map as needed), the following fees must be paid to obtain a Special Event Permit:
(1) a $20 Special Event Review Fee,
(2) additional charges for police, fire, or parks personnel as needed for the event (see the City Fee Schedule for a breakdown), and
(3) a $100 refundable deposit (this deposit will be refunded to you after the event concludes assuming no damage has taken place).
(4) If your event requires the use of a park pavilion, a copy of a park pavilion reservation confirmation is also required.

The following insurance requirements must be met to obtain a Special Event Permit:
(1) A $3,000,000 ($1,000,000 per occurrence/ $3,000,000 aggregate) Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy naming Lehi City as an additional insured. Within that insurance policy:
Damages to Rented Premises must be insured for at least $500,000,
Medical Expenses must be inured for at least $5,000,
Personal Injury must be insured for at least $500,000,
and Products must be insured for at least $500,000.

If you would like to use a bounce-house or similar blow-up toy as a part of the Special Event, the bounce-house vendor must meet the following special insurance requirements:

(1) a General Liability Insurance policy of $3,000,000 ($1,000,000 per occurrence/ $3,000,000 aggregate) where Lehi City is named as an additional insured,
(2) and an Insurance Policy that has an athletic participation exclusion OR is one that will pay for bodily injury and property damage based not on the participants but on territory, policy period, and unintentional injury.

***Additional Fees may be required for any damages on city property due to bounce-houses.

Some exceptions or adjustments may be made to the insurance requirements. These exceptions will be decided on a case by case basis.

Some special events also require a Temporary Mass Gathering Permit obtained through the Utah County Health Department. A Temporary Mass Gathering Permit is required of any event that:
(1) will have 500 or more attendees at one location (public or private) for
(2) 2 or more hours, and
(3) is located at a facility that was not constructed for that heavy of use. (You can typically tell this if it is necessary to bring in portable toilets, garbage cans, or parking services for the event.) (See Utah Administrative Code R392-400)
If your event does also require a Temporary Mass Gathering Permit, you can learn more and obtain one with the Utah County Health Department above or through this link.

If you are holding an event on the Murdock Canal Trail or the Jordan River Trail, you need to obtain a Special Event Permit with Utah County. All of the information on that process is available here on their website.

If you are holding an event on a UDOT owned road such as Redwood Road or Timpanogos Highways, you need to obtain a Special Event Permit with UDOT. All of the information on that process is available here on their website.

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