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Emergency Management


Are You Ready?

There are a many reasons to prepare for possible disasters in Lehi City. We live in a time where natural disasters are leaving thousands of people at the mercy of others to rely on during their great time of need. Being prepared for such an occasion can reduce the fear, anxiety, and losses that accompany disasters.

Emergency Notifications

Everbridge Alert Notification SystemOne key aspect of being prepared is being informed. If we can’t reach you, we can’t alert you.

Sign up to receive notifications from Lehi City via phone, email, cell phone, or text. You can sign up by visiting and filling out the application.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency PreparednessEach disaster has lasting effects, to both people and property. If a disaster occurs, local government and relief organizations will try to help, but you need to be prepared as well. Local responders may not be able to reach you immediately, or they may need to focus their efforts away from you. You should prepare to be self-sufficient for at least three days in the event of a disaster. This may mean providing for your own shelter, first aid, food, water, and sanitation.

Lehi City has published a guide to personal and family preparedness. View the guide online.

CERT – Community Emergency Response Team

Community Emergency Response TeamThe Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program educates people about disaster preparedness. CERT is about readiness, people helping people, rescuer safety, and doing the greatest good for the greatest number.

More Information

Additional Resources

For more information on emergency preparedness, visit the following websites:
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