Animal Control Services

The Lehi Police Department has an Animal Control officer that services Lehi City. Animal control officers are responsible for enforcing the animal control ordinance of the City and protecting residents from violent and destructive animals. The North Utah Valley Animal Shelter offers information regarding your pet and animals up for adoption. Any questions and concerns about animal control issues can be taken through the Lehi Police Department.

The Lehi Police Department is located at 580 West State St. Lehi, Utah 84043 Phone: 385.201.1005 Fax: 385.201.1006.

The North Utah Valley Animal Shelter offers information regarding your pet, animals up for adoption. Visit their site at

Frequently Asked Questions

How many dogs and cats can I have?
Except as otherwise provided in this Title, no more than two (2) dogs, four (4) months of age or older and (3) three cats four (4) months of age or older shall be kept at any residence or commercial establishment at any time. This provision shall not apply to licensed kennels or grooming parlors.

Do I need to get a license for my dog?

Yes.  All dogs 4 months or older must be licensed according to Title 6-4c-1 in the Lehi Municipal Code.  To license your dog, you must have a current veterinary rabies vaccination certificate.  A license may be obtained at City Hall (153 N. 100 E., Lehi) or at the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter (193 N. 2000 W., Lindon)

The fees are as follows:

Term                           Altered           Unaltered

1 year license           $15.00              $35.00

2 year license           $25.00              $65.00

3 year license          $35.00               $95.00

My neighbor’s dog barks all the time. What can I do about it?
CLICK HERE for Barking Dog Problems
Any animal which does any of the following shall be deemed a nuisance animal:
Barks, whines, or howls or makes other disturbing noises in an excessive, continuous or untimely fashion.

Can I get a Kennel Permit?
Kennel Permits are only allowed in A-5, and A-1 Zones with a Conditional Use Permit (through Planning and Zoning), and approval following an onsite inspection by Animal Control.   More information is available through Animal Control and Planning and Zoning.

Is there a leash law in Lehi City?
Yes there is a leash law in Lehi City.
It shall be unlawful for any domesticated animal to be at large at any time within the corporate limits of the City. The owner or custodian of any domesticated animal which is at large shall be strictly liable for a violation of this section, regardless of the precautions taken to prevent the escape of the animal and regardless of lack of knowledge of the offense at the time it occurs.


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