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Lehi Cityscape

Public Works


The Public Works Department is responsible for the general supervision of water, sewer, storm drains, and public streets. The department aims to provide quality services to Lehi residents through (1) strong leadership, (2) excellent technical skills, and (3) experienced administrative support.


Dave Norman – Director 
BJ Benson – Streets Department Manager 
Greg Allred – Water Department Manager

News and Information

Find the Storm  Water Management Plan online. For emergencies or to report illegal dumping, call 385.201.1700 during office hours or 801.836.1045 after hours. 

The latest Water Quality Consumer Report is now available. Read the report. 

Neighborhood Road in LehiStreets

The Streets Division goal is to allow for safe vehicular and pedestrian travel by maintaining and improving City’s streets. The Streets Division is responsible for the repair of streets, sidewalk, curbs, and gutters. It is also responsible for the removal of snow and ice from streets and roads in the winter.

Find more information about the Streets Division, including information on snow removal and current construction projects, on the division page.

glass of drinking waterCulinary Water

The culinary water division provides safe, clean drinking water by complying to state and federal rules for water quality and distribution.
Water Quality Consumer Report

irrigation sprinklerPressurized Irrigation Water

The pressurized irrigation division maintains our infrastructure and resources to provide irrigation water to residents and businesses.
Water Conservation


glass of drinking waterStorm Drain

The storm drain division maintains our drainage system and ensures proper management of storm water.


glass of drinking waterWastewater

The wastewater division ensures the proper maintenance of the sewer system.


Protect Your Water Heater from Thermal Expansion.

Click here for an informative brochure on how to protect your water heater from thermal expansion.