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Business Inspections

Business License Requirements
When you apply for your business license, there are several steps that must be completed before the Fire Department becomes involved. Once zoning has been approved, and the remaining requirements are complete, you may request a Fire Department inspection by calling the Lehi Fire Department at 385.201.1081.
If you are planning to open a business that uses certain practices and materials, you may be required to obtain a fire department permit. If a permit is required, the business license will be issued after the permit has been obtained. For a list of permitted activities, click HERE.
If your business deals with the use or storage of hazardous materials, there are additional permits and requirements that must be met before a license will be issued.
To avoid delays in the process, do your best to secure all permits and reduce or eliminate violations prior to the inspection. The inspector will have to make a return visit if violations are found that cannot be corrected at the time of the initial inspection.
The following is a list of the types of items which the Fire Inspector will look for during a Business License Inspection:

  • The address/suite is visible from the street
  • Correct keys in Knox Box
  • Current inspection tag on sprinkler riser
  • Current inspection tag on kitchen hood suppression system
  • Fire extinguishers have current inspection tag and are mounted on a wall (five pound ABC minimum)
  • Fire alarm is functional and has a current tag
  • General housekeeping inside and out
  • Required exit doors are functional and have correct hardware
  • Exits are clear and accessible
  • Exit signs are functional
  • Emergency lights are functional
  • Electrical panel is labeled and has no open slots for breakers and is not obstructed
  • Extension cords are not used on permanent fixtures
  • Mechanical rooms are clear of combustible storage
  • All switches/outlets have cover plates installed
  • Outside utilities (gas/electric meter) are labeled if multi-tenant building
  • Proper storage of flammable or combustible liquids
  • Any potential fire hazards for occupants or firefighters in the event of an emergency
  • Missing ceiling tiles, holes in ceiling/walls
  • If the business is a Daycare/Preschool click on the link to the right for additional information.