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Fire Prevention Division

Fire Marshal

Fire Marshal, Garion Rowett

Deputy Fire Marshal

Deputy Fire Marshal, Kevin Beck

Welcome to the Fire Prevention Division! The Division’s main objective is to reduce the risk of fires thus protecting the lives, property and economic vitality of the community. We do this by providing a variety of services such as code enforcement, fire investigation, plan review, permitting and safety education. The Fire Prevention Division encompasses a personnel network capable, motivated and technically trained to educate the public through the enforcement of fire and life safety codes.

The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for all the matters pertaining to the enforcement of all state laws, codes and ordinances relative to the protection of life, property and the environment from fire and unauthorized or accidental hazardous material releases. The Fire Prevention Division also responds to fires and other emergencies, and is responsible for investigating all fires within Lehi City.

Inspection Services

The Fire prevention Division also performs annual inspection of all businesses within Lehi City to ensure compliance of fire codes and ordinances. These inspections help to reduce and eliminate fire hazards and dangerous conditions existing within your business in Lehi City.

The Division is responsible for maintaining complete inspection records, fire alarms, investigations, complaints, special hazards and such other information as may be required. The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for providing inspection services to the City of Lehi. These services include:

Pre-construction site plan review:

  1. Final construction inspections
  2. Fire Code Enforcement
  3. Issue violations notices where appropriate
  4. Conduct re-inspection
  5. Handle citizen complaints regarding fire safety hazards
  6. Fire Investigations
  7. Fire Safety Education
  8. Coordinates neighborhood fire watch programs.
  9. Business Inspections
  10. Day Care/Preschool

Code Enforcement:

The Fire Prevention Division enforces applicable provisions of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Life Safety Code, International Fire and Building Code, State of Utah and Lehi City Ordinances.

 Plan Review:

The Fire Prevention Division also reviews all new and existing building plans for construction services. All plans are examined to assure that they meet all requirements of national, state, and local codes. Once the plans are reviewed and the construction site is inspected, fire system tested and approved, a certificate of fire clearance is issued.

Fire Investigation:

The Fire Investigator investigations origin, cause and circumstances of fires within Lehi City. The Fire Investigator responds to incidents involving:

  1. Fires believed to be intentionally set
  2. Fires involving juveniles
  3. Fires involving fatality
  4. Fires involving high dollar loss
  5. Acts of terrorism (i.e. fire bombing, structural sabotage)
  6. Hazardous Condition of an occupancy representing an immediate threat to life safety (i.e. assembly overcrowding, blocked exits, building collapse, compromised fire protection and detection systems, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I request a fire inspection?
Request 24-48 hours in advance by calling 385.201.1081, Monday thru Thursday.

Is there any cost associated with a fire inspection?
There is no cost for inspections

Does the Fire Department do residential construction inspections?
Not as a rule, but we will perform an inspection on request of the home owner.

How do I submit commercial construction plans and how does the plan review process work?
Plans shall be submitted electronically to the Fire Department for review and approval. Once plans are approved then a construction permit is issued. Check the Lehi Fire Department fee schedule for the appropriate fee.

What system testing does the Fire Department witness?
All acceptance testing per the International Fire Code to include underground piping, sprinkler systems, alarm systems, fire pump etc.

How many sprinkler plans and alarm plans do I need to submit?
Plans shall be submitted electronically to the Fire Department for review and approval. After review and approval, the plans will be stamped and returned to the sender.

Daycare/Preschool Rules It is the intent of Lehi City to encourage business activities in appropriate commercial districts. Business activities may be conducted within a residence on a limited basis provided that the proposed activity complies with the standards and provisions herein. All home occupations including Day Care and Pre-School shall be secondary and incidental to the residential use of the structure. All home occupation activities shall occur completely within the residential structure and not out of doors or in any accessory building, such as a garage.

These Codes are a combination of the Lehi City Code, the International Building code, the International Fire Code and State Amendments to those codes. Home Occupation Permit Fee for Child Care / Pre-School is $75.00 Paid to the Planning Department.