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Rippy Literacy Center

Literacy Center Forms

Policies and Procedures

The Lehi Rippy Literacy Center’s goal is “to offer effective training to help families and individuals develop the necessary literacy skills to thrive.”  For us to accomplish this, we ask that you please read and abide by our policies and procedures.

After-School Policies and Procedures 2022

ABC Policies and Procedures 2022


Pick Up and Drop Off

For the safety of our students, please adhere to these Pick Up and Drop Off procedures.

  • Enter the parking lot from 100 south
  • Follow the line of cars towards the building
  • Drop off children next to the curb
  • Exit the parking lot onto 100 west

To ensure that traffic flows smoothly, please refrain from parking and getting out of your car in the pickup line.  Our teachers will be outside to assist the children. If you want to walk your children into the center, please park on 100 west and use the crosswalk. All children should enter the building from the back (east) entrance.

Literacy Center Pick-up/Drop Off Map