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Rippy Literacy Center

About Us

Literacy (noun):  “The quality or state of being literate.”
Literate (adjective):  “Educated.  Able to read and write.”

Our Mission

The mission of the Literacy Center is to provide meaningful service opportunities for community volunteers. In combination with this, the Center offers effective small group reading and math literacy training to help children in the Lehi community thrive in society.  The aim is to support Lehi City in developing today’s readers into tomorrow’s leaders.

The RippysHow it began

In 1997, Hesther Rippy learned that nearly 29% of Lehi City elementary school children were reading below grade level.
Inspired by the notion of helping young people achieve their full potential, Hesther and her husband, Bill, envisioned a center where children and their parents could come for assistance in learning to read.


The Lehi Rippy Literacy Center is housed in the former bank on Main Street where students and trained volunteers have access to grade level reading materials, computer stations with educational software, and an inviting atmosphere.
We serve approximately 400 students at any given time and are served by approximately 75-100 volunteer tutors year round.  Our tutors and volunteer staff range in age from 9 to 80.  Our average student is 7 years old.

How you can help

We welcome your contributions and encourage you to join us:

  • Volunteer your time.
  • Spread the word, send potential students and tutors our way.
  • Check our wish list.

Checklist for Success

  • Provide small group tutoring for Lehi residents.
  • Provide valuable, fulfilling, and meaningful service opportunities for citizens.
  • Focus on a core curriculum that gets K-4 students reading at grade level.
  • Support civic leaders and educators in developing tomorrow’s leaders.

What people are saying about us

“Now more than ever we need citizens to come together to increase the unity in our community.  Students, tutors, volunteers and parents at the Lehi Rippy Literacy Center see first hand the difference that is made when we serve each other in our community.”
Bert Wilson, Former Lehi City Mayor