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Intern Program

Lehi Fire Department Intern 


  • Give the Intern the opportunity to test their aptitude in a Firefighter career.
  • Develop and expand on skills and techniques directly applicable to the Firefighter service.
  • Develop employment records and references that will help the student with employment opportunities.
  • Performs a variety of working level firefighting and emergency medical duties related to protecting life and property of Lehi city residents.


Work under the close supervision of the Captain or designated shift supervisor.


Firefighter: Receives continuous classroom and field training in a wide range of fire prevention, E.M.T., and firefighting techniques, principles, and procedures; receives specialized training in salvage and rescue operation, emergency medical aid, civil defense, hazardous materials, disaster, drowning, and other related emergency situations; participates in drills.

Responds to fire alarm signals; performs as member of firefighting team; responds to emergency calls by riding fire truck to scene of fire; manipulates various sized appliances, nozzles, hose streams; lays and connects water hose, hooks up pump, holds nozzle and directs water stream; raises and climbs ladders and utilizes other specialized equipment such as chemical fire extinguisher, SCBA’s, encapsulated chemical suits, power saws; operates extension ladders in actual rescue situations and in regular training; uses various hand tools such as rope, axes, etc.

Searches in adverse conditions at fire scene, natural disasters, auto accidents etc.; rescues victims from fire and other danger situations; operates hydraulic rescue tool to achieve forcible entry.; renders first-aid and practices trauma management; performs basic life support to accident and fire victims; removes bodies and performs salvage operations.

Receives instruction on policies and procedures to conduct fire prevention inspections on various types of facilities; conducts inspections and advises resident or owner of necessary action to conform to standards; assists in performing fire scene investigations to determine “point of origin” and cause of fires; prepares and submits a variety of reports related to inspection activity.

Performs general maintenance necessary to upkeep department building and equipment; sweeps and cleans station floors and rooms, makes beds, washes walls, floors, and windows; performs various maintenance tasks; i.e. paints, services equipment, cleans, polishes, tests, and repairs firefighting apparatus and breathing apparatus; services, maintains, and repairs fire apparatus.

Assists in performing building inspections and pre-fire planning; attends public gatherings to insure observance of fire safety requirements, standards and regulations; conducts tours for interest groups.

Prepares various department records and reports; inspects fire hydrants; may instruct Boy Scout merit badge classes; participates in various public fire safety programs and presentations to educate regarding fire prevention.

EMT-A: Evaluates patient’s condition and/or injuries and accident scenes and/or medical emergencies and administers aid as per protocol; monitors patient’s vital signs and provides basic and advanced life support until transported to hospital.

Utilizes various advanced routes for medication administration, i.e., endotracheal, intradermal, intramuscular, intraosseous, intravenous, nebulized aerosol, parenteral, subcutaneous, sublingual, topical, etc. Operates resuscitation and suction devices during cardiopulmonary resuscitation; performs advanced

life support procedures such as direct laryngoscopy, endotracheal intubation and endotracheal suctioning, applies vacuum splints, cervical collars, backboards, and various other medical devices used to immobilize patients during transport and extrication.

Applies bandages and dressing on soft tissue injuries as needed to stop bleeding; lifts and carries patients from scene to ambulance according to established procedures.

Public Relations: participates in making public presentations in schools, Boy Scout units, etc. to promote emergency medical awareness, fire hazard awareness and fire prevention.

Performs related duties as required.


Ability to follow detailed verbal or written work instructions; work in dangerous emergency situations; perform strenuous physical labor; communicate effectively, verbally and in writing; assimilate modern fire prevention and firefighting skills; perform under extreme weather conditions; work on shift work; develop effective working relationships with supervisors, fellow employees, and the public.

  • Fire fighter I & II
  • Hazmat Operations
  • Hazmat Awareness
  • EMT- Intermediate/ EMT Advanced


There is no monetary compensation for this position.

Interns would be expected to work a Minimum of 48 hours per month, working a maximum of 96 hours per month. Shifts would be broken into 24 hour segments and scheduled to work at a station that has an open room and is 5 handed, thus providing a space for their housing needs. Only one intern per day would be allowed to work thus we are still able to meet other obligations with ride along programs etc. The internship would be for a three (3) month time period.


The same uniform standard would be expected. They would be issued one LFD tee shirt, one button up shirt and one pair of Nomex pants as well as bunker gear. They would be responsible to provide one pair of black safety toe station style boots. The uniform would be returned to LFD upon completion of the program.