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Secondary Water Metering Project

In October 2022, Lehi City began a five to six-year effort to install secondary water meters on all properties within city boundaries. This project is in response to the Utah State Legislature’s requirement to install meters on all secondary water connections by 2030. We support our state’s mission to relieve Utah’s drought and conserve our water. By installing secondary water meters and providing usage data to residents, Lehi City expects water use will decrease by 20% to 40%.

What You Should know:

  • The loan from the Utah Board of Water is for the state-mandated purchase and installation of pressurized irrigation meters.
  • With over 12,000 meters to switch out, the project will take 5-6 years to complete. Over this time Lehi City will conduct a rate study to develop an equitable structure, which will encourage water conservation.
  • The secondary water metering project began in October 2022. The first community for the project is Traverse Mountain with an anticipated completion of September 2023.
  • Since 2016, all new pressurized connections have been equipped with secondary water meters. These meters are currently only used for data collection.
  • Once the new rate is developed, it will impact residents based on their water usage. Rates for residents who use higher amounts of water could increase, while residents who conserve could decrease compared to the current rate structure.
  • The City has contracted with Hydro Vac Excavations LLC for the installation of the water meters

frequently asked questions

When will I be notified that meter installation will begin in my neighborhood?

A door hanger will be placed at each home a couple of weeks before crews start working in that area.

How long will the installation take?

Once the hole is dug installation of the meter will be next day then it may be a couple of days before that hole is backfilled

How can I tell if I have a meter?

You will see a new purple water meter lid in your yard or the park strip.

What is the difference between a loan and bond?

A bond is just a type of loan. Lehi City will borrow $3,643,000 from the Division of Water Resources, use those funds along with the $10,000,000 grant from the State to purchase and install pressurized irrigation meters. The City will then repay the Division of Water Resources over a period of 15 years at an interest rate of 1%. Without this loan, the City would need to secure other financing, which would be at a higher interest rate.

How will the bond be paid for?

The bonds will be repaid from revenues of Lehi’s Pressurized Irrigation System. No tax revenues will be impacted as a result of the repayment of the bonds. The repayment of the bonds will influence system costs and user rates along with other factors such as: water acquisition costs, water share maintenance costs, inflation, and infrastructure maintenance costs.

When will the meter rates begin?

The irrigation meter installation project will take several years to complete. The City will also use a multi-year process to develop a new rate structure. This process will occur in a transparent manner with public input. Included in this process will be the determination of when the new rates will take effect.

Will we pay meter rates year-long?

The question of whether rates will be incurred throughout the year will ultimately be determined by the same process used to develop the new rate structure. Most likely, the rate structure will have a base rate, which is paid throughout the full year, along with a usage rate that will only be paid when irrigation water is used.

Will my landscaping in the installation area be restored?

Yes. The contractor will restore landscaping as closely as possible to preinstall conditions. If a service box is covered by landscaping, it will have to be cleared for permanent City access. 

Will the sod be replaced?

Yes, the sod will be replaced. For meters put in after the irrigation is turned off in the fall, new sod will be replaced in the spring when irrigation is back on and sod is available. 

Who do I contact for concerns about leaks, or landscaping after installation?

For concerns about leaks, or landscaping after a new meter has been installed, call Hydro Vac Excavation at 385-465-4687.

Where can I provide a comment, or ask a question?