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Lehi Cares Coalition

A community change coalition that helps to prevent youth problems before they start.

Our vision

Inspired by our rich heritage, Lehi Cares envisions a thriving, connected, inclusive community that is committed to continuously nurturing academic achievement, emotional health and multifaceted opportunities for all of our youth –  empowering the pioneering leaders of tomorrow, supporting families and maximizing public safety through proactive engagement.

What is Lehi Cares?

We’re a group that’s made up of people just like you. We either have kids, work with kids, or just care about kids and making our city a better place. Together with sponsorship from Lehi City government, we make up a community coalition that’s focused on decreasing the numbers of youth in Lehi who engage in things like delinquency, violence, alcohol and other drug use, school dropout, depression/anxiety, teen pregnancy and suicide.

What Do We Do?

We follow the University of Washington’s Communities That Care (CTC) framework to guide our process so we know we’re making the greatest impact possible. This includes doing a comprehensive assessment of Lehi, creating a 3-5 year action plan to implement programs and policies that will support our youth, and then tracking progress over time so we know that we’re making the changes that we set out to make.

Some of our projects have included:

  • Assessing risk and protective factors among Lehi’s youth
  • Assessing resources available to support youth and families in Lehi
  • Participating in Lehi Round-Up activities
  • Hosting a youth logo contest
  • Partnering with a state drug use prevention initiative to create a media campaign around underage drinking  

How Do We Do It?

As a coalition we meet together monthly to work through the five phases of the CTC framework. We have smaller workgroups that meet together to work on specific tasks towards our larger goals as needed. We also educate the community on how to prevent health and behavior problems for our youth via community events, booths and workshops.

Why Are We Doing This?

Many serious problems that youth face today are PREVENTABLE. If we can stop youth from ever drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes or using recreational drugs, we can reduce levels of delinquent behavior, youth crime and suicide. Community-based interventions like CTC coalitions are proven to reduce negative outcomes for youth, so Lehi City and those of us who volunteer on the coalition are joining forces to create a better future for our kids.

By supporting this coalition, we expect these types of outcomes for Lehi’s youth:

  • Less drug use
  • Lower suicide rates
  • Less criminal activity
  • Improved mental health
  • Fewer teen pregnancies
  • Fewer sexually transmitted diseases
  • More students graduating on time
  • Better financial outcomes as adults

How Can You Help?

There are lots of ways to support our work! Contact Chelsea if you have questions:

  1. Follow us on social media to stay up to date on our progress and share resources that we post.      
  2. If there’s someone that you think would be a good fit for what we do, let us know!
  3. If you’re a leader in your organization and would like to contribute with resources, connections, donations, etc., please reach out to discuss participating on our advisory board.
  4. Volunteer for us! Sometimes our events need extra hands on deck, and we’d love to work with community members like you.
  5. JOIN US! We could always use more caring people like you to help in the main work of the coalition. This is a unique volunteer opportunity to make real changes in Lehi that will last for years to come. You’ll make friends while providing a meaningful contribution to your community (while also getting free dinner once a month!) Fill out the form below to let us know your interest.


Do I need a specific background to participate?

No! This isn’t just for people with a social services background. We have people with all sorts of backgrounds like education, health, tech, government, event planning and stay-at-home-super-moms. As a coalition we do marketing, data analysis, networking, social media, events, budgeting and more – tons of things that could leverage your unique skills and that don’t require any sort of experience with youth advocacy. The only requirement is that you have an interest in supporting Lehi’s youth.

Do I have to live in Lehi?

The majority of our members live in Lehi, but if you work in Lehi and would like to make it a better place for kids, please join us! We also have members from organizations that cover the Lehi area and want to be represented on the coalition, so if that’s you, let us know! If you live in a city with one of our sister coalitions, you may want to participate there instead Saratoga Springs, American Fork, Pleasant Grove, Lindon, Orem, Vineyard, and Payson

Can young people participate?

Yes! If you’re a teen or college student looking for a volunteer opportunity, we’d love to have you because your voice matters too! Do be aware that this is not a traditional service opportunity that provides a certain number of hours per week. Most of our workgroups meet once a month with assignments to work on in between, so we can’t guarantee a particular amount of service hours.

Are you interested in being part of creating community-wide change for the betterment of our youth? Fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.

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