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Lehi Cares Coalition

A community change coalition that helps to prevent youth problems before they start.


Lehi City has a vision of our community as a safe, nurturing environment for all children. Because of this, we are organizing a community coalition focused on decreasing the numbers of youth in Lehi who experience or engage in behaviors such as delinquency, violence, alcohol and other drug use, school dropout, depression/anxiety, teen pregnancy and suicide.

Lehi City has selected the Communities That Care (CTC) framework, an evidence-based process developed by the University of Washington, to guide this coalition in identifying proven solutions that meet the specific needs of Lehi’s youth. The City is making an extensive effort to give our kids and parents tools to help them succeed in life.


Many serious health and behavioral problems that youth face today are PREVENTABLE. Through CTC coalitions like Lehi Cares, local citizens and community leaders work together to mitigate risk factors that increase the likelihood of problem behaviors developing and enhance the protective factors that can shield youngsters from problems.

“If we can stop youth from ever drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes or using recreational drugs, we can decrease levels of delinquent behavior, youth crime and suicide,” The Center for CTC. 

CTC Coalitions Help the community

The outcome and future of our youth affects the whole community.

Community Benefits of Youth Advocacy:

  • Less drug use
  • Lower suicide rates
  • Less criminal activity
  • Improved mental health
  • Fewer teen pregnancies
  • Fewer sexually transmitted diseases
  • More students graduating on time
  • Better financial outcomes as adults


Communities That Care guides communities through an evidence-based five phase process. Using prevention science as its base, CTC promotes healthy youth development, improves youth outcomes, and reduces problem behaviors. 

“Help us implement Phase 2 by joining the coalition as one of it’s founding members!”


Ways You Can Contribute When Working With the Coalition:

  • Assessing community needs through data collection and analysis 
  • Identifying current youth services and gaps in Lehi’s resources
  • Involving youth in coalition’s work
  • Managing funds to support the CTC process
  • Educating the community about the coalition’s work
  • Helping sustain a healthy and effective community board


Are you interested in being part of creating community-wide change for the betterment of our youth? Fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.

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