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The Streets Department is to allow for safe vehicular and pedestrian travel by maintaining and improving City’s streets. The Streets Division is responsible for the repair of streets, sidewalk, curbs, and gutters. It is also responsible for the removal of snow and ice from streets and roads in the winter.

Current Road maintenance

Road Closures

500 North at Trinnaman Lane to 1200 West will be closed each day from September 21st through September 25th and re-open each evening to continue utility tie-ins for the Mitchell Grove Subdivision.

Please refer to the detour map for reference. DG 1500 North 1200 West Lehi 2


Starting Tuesday September 8th 1200 East from 3200 North to 10400 North will be closed for construction. Geneva Rock has been contracted to widen this segment, adding in turn lanes with curb and gutter. Please refer to the following map for the detour. 


Road Maintenance – 

The Lehi City Street Department crews will be Fog sealing Wednesday, September 23rd (weather permitting)

Fog Sealing is a preventative sealant for the asphalt. Once this application is applied to the road it takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour for dry time.

Fog SealB 9.22.2020

Fog Seal 9.22.2020

Additional Information – 

“The USDA has requested a hauling route as part of the Dry Creek Reservoir project. Beginning today, July 22, you may notice trucks hauling dirt from Dry Creek Reservoir to the Peck property. Fortunately, the work is beginning earlier than expected and will mostly occur before school begins. The work should last only until mid-September. See the attached map for the truck route. Visit the USDA website for additional details:
Please reach out to the Project Manager with questions at 801-524-4263.”






The Streets Division aims to maintain manhole depths of 1.5 inches or less on city roads. Because the lifts and rings for manholes come in 1.5 inch increments, manholes less than that depth cannot be repaired without costly construction. The ideal depth is 1/4-1/2 inches to allow for thermal expansion in the winter. Manholes that are above road grade make snow removal difficult and can result in significant damage to snow plows.

The streets division frequently measures manhole depths on our main roads. If you feel a manhole has a depth deeper than 1.5 inches, please report it using our Report an Issue tool and a crew will measure and/or repair it.

Manhole Depths April 2018


Current Road Closures


UDOT Construction Link and Maps

Mountainland Association of Governments


Snow removal crews will make every possible effort to keep major streets clear of snow and ice during the winter. Snow removal is prioritized by the amount of traffic received and the safety risk incurred from a storm. For information about snow removal practices, see the Snow Removal Brochure.

Resident Responsibilities During a Storm

Property owners are responsible for removing snow in the following areas:

  • driveway openings
  • sidewalks adjacent to their property
  • around fire hydrants
  • around mailboxes

Please remember that shoveling, plowing, or blowing snow into the street is prohibited by city ordinance. The City right-of-way for snow storage extends nine feet from the curb. Landscaping and personal property within the right-of-way is installed at the property owner’s risk.

Please ensure that all obstructions are removed during and immediately following a storm (i.e. vehicles and trash receptacles).

City Responsibilities During a Storm

City crews are prepared to remove snow 24 hours a day from November 1 to April 30. Crews will remove snow as soon as possible with the following priorities in mind:

  • Clear roads with the most traffic followed by those with less traffic.
  • Clear roads that pose the highest risk to public safety followed by those with a low risk to public safety.
  • Identify main arterial roads and keep those roads open and passable.
  • Remove snow from residential areas once priority roads are clear and safe for travelers.
  • Subdivisions, cul-de-sacs, and end streets will not be plowed until four inches of snow or more has accumulated.

Personal and Commercial Damage Reimbursement Policy


Encroachment Memo

Encroachment Permit Application

Winter Encroachment Permit Application


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