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Lehi Cityscape


At the heart of Lehi’s thriving transportation network lies the Lehi City Streets Department- a dedicated team committed to maintaining the city’s roads, sidewalks and infrastructure. Our mission is to ensure safe and efficient travel for residents and visitors alike, making Lehi a model of urban mobility. Let’s take a closer look at our responsibilities and the valuable services we offer to the community.

Our responsibilities: Keeping Lehi Moving

Road Maintenance

Our team conducts regular inspections, addressing road defects and potholes promptly. By resurfacing damaged roadways, we extend their lifespan and ensure a smooth driving experience for everyone.

To view current road closures and traffic impacts, visit the Lehi Roads Dashboard.

Sidewalk and Pedestrian Infrastructure

Pedestrian safety is a top priority. We diligently maintain and repair sidewalks, cross walks, and pedestrian bridges, adhering to ADA standards to ensure accessibility for all.

Snow Removal

Lehi City Streets Department snow plows garage.

Photo Credit: Curtis Booker

When winter arrives, we are prepared to tackle the snow. Our snow removal operations prioritize main roads and high-traffic areas, ensuring safe passage during snowy conditions. 

Current snow plow route (as of June 7th, 2023) 

Snow removal crews will make every possible effort to keep major streets clear of snow and ice during the winter. Snow removal is prioritized by the amount of traffic received and the safety risk incurred from a storm. For information about snow removal practices, see the Snow Removal Brochure.

Resident Responsibilities During a Storm

Property owners are responsible for removing snow in the following areas:

  • Driveway openings
  • Sidewalks adjacent to their property
  • Around fire hydrants
  • Around mailboxes

Please remember that shoveling, plowing, or blowing snow into the street is prohibited by city ordinance. The City right-of-way for snow storage extends nine feet from the curb. Landscaping and personal property within the right-of-way is installed at the property owner’s risk.

Please ensure that all obstructions are removed during and immediately following a storm (i.e. vehicles and trash receptacles).

City Responsibilities During a Storm

City crews are prepared to remove snow 24 hours a day from November 1 to April 30. Crews will remove snow as soon as possible with the following priorities in mind:

  • Clear roads with the most traffic followed by those with less traffic.
  • Clear roads that pose the highest risk to public safety followed by those with a low risk to public safety.
  • Identify main arterial roads and keep those roads open and passable.
  • Remove snow from residential areas once priority roads are clear and safe for travelers.
  • Subdivisions, cul-de-sacs, and end streets will not be plowed until four inches of snow or more has accumulated


Lehi Standard Drawings

UDOT Construction Link and Maps

Mountainland Association of Governments 


Personal and Commercial Damage Reimbursement Policy


Any Contractor/developer making cuts, bores etc. into a Lehi City Street will need to contact a Lehi City Public Works Inspector, 24 hours prior to making said cut and before any trench, backfilling and or asphalt patching is to be replaced for inspection. For the full memo see : Encroachment Memo

Driveway Approach Permit

Encroachment Permit Application (April 1 – November 30)

Winter Encroachment Permit Application (December 1 – March 31)

Lehi City Street Tree Permit