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Lehi Cityscape

Pressurized Irrigation


For over 30 years, Lehi’s pressurized irrigation (PI) system has provided irrigation water to residents and businesses as well as the fire suppression system throughout the city. To promote water conservation, it’s essential for all users to remember their responsibility in turning off their connections each year by October 15th. Additionally, residents and businesses are encouraged to adhere to the City’s weekly watering allowances to ensure the sustainable use of this valuable resource. 

Residents should handle PI water with care and caution. Unlike the City’s culinary water system, pressurized irrigation water is not treated, making it vulnerable to contamination and harmful bacteria, such as E. Coli. Please review the following reminders from the Utah County Health Department. 

Where does our water come from?

Activate and Winterize your Irrigation System

The Lehi City irrigation system provides water to the city’s fire hydrants. Because of this, the system is active year round. Property owners should turn irrigation water on at the point of the city connection in the spring and turn it off in the fall.

Watch this tutorial by Matt Dalton of the Water Department to learn how turn your system on and off.

Water Conservation

According to the Utah Division of Water Resources, Utah uses the most water per capita in the United States but receives the second lowest amount of annual rainfall. Utah’s population is expected to double by 2065. Unless our habits change, our water supply will not be able to sustain the demand. Help us conserve now to prepare for the future.

Water Conservation Tips

Water Shortage Management Plan

The Lehi City Water Shortage Management Plan is intended to protect and preserve public health, welfare, and safety in the event of a water shortage. This plan augments and supports the Lehi City Water Conservation Plan and other relevant city ordinances.

We are currently in Phase 1 of our Water Shortage Management Plan. Water users are encourages to follow responsible watering habits. Follow the lawn water guide at It is important for any Lehi water user (municipal, commercial, and residential) to understand how to appropriately respond to a water shortage and what action should be taken by city administration and Lehi water users. The provisions of this plan apply to all persons, customers, and property utilizing water provided by the Lehi City Water Division.

Water management