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Traffic Cases


A citation is a charging document, informing you that you have been charged with an offense by Lehi City.

If you have received a traffic citation for a violation that does not require a court appearance, call (385) 201-1090 to pay the fine amount. If you wish to contest the charge or your violation requires a court appearance, contact the court to schedule a court date.

State law mandates that a defendant must contact the court no less than 5 or more than 14 days after receiving the citation. If you fail to contact the court, a late fee will be added to your fine, a warrant may be issued for your arrest, and your license may be suspended until you appear in court.

Traffic School

Traffic school is an option for those wishing to keep a moving violation from tarnishing their record. Traffic school is completed online and requires registration. Attendees receive driving instruction and training regarding why traffic laws should not be violated.

ALL traffic school for Lehi City is now done online. You must register below to take traffic school for Lehi City.

ENGLISH: Register for Traffic School
For those already registered, Re-Enter Traffic School
ESPANOL: Registrarse Por el Curso
Si ya se ha registrado, Regresar al Curso


The following must be completed within 29 days of receiving your citation:

  • Read, print, sign and submit the Plea in Abeyance Agreement to the court. The agreement is available to print under the Court Forms link.
  • Pay a non-refundable fee of $25 plus the citation amount.

Defendants are given 90 days from receipt of the Plea in Abeyance Agreement to:

  • Sign up for traffic school and pay the $65 traffic school fee.
  • Complete the 3 hour course. You may log in and out as often as necessary to complete the course.
  • Submit the traffic school completion certificate to the court.

No Insurance / Driver’s License Cases:

If you did have insurance or a valid driver’s license at the time of the citation, it may constitute a defense to that charge.  You will need to schedule a hearing to talk to the judge, and bring proof of valid insurance/license with you.  If you have obtained insurance, or reinstated your license after receiving the citation, but prior to your court hearing, this does not constitute a defense to the charge.  However, the judge will reduce your fine.

For proof of insurance the court requires more than just your insurance certificate.  You will need to get a letter from your insurance agent, on company letterhead, indicating that you have insurance, and the effective dates of the policy.

DLD Point System:

Visit for more information on Utah’s point system.