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Lehi Cityscape

Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a BBQ?
The pavilions that have a BBQ grill are specified in their amenities.

There is a fire pit at that park, can I use it?
Yes, although you are not reserving the pit, it is a first come basis for use.

Can we have blow-up houses, slip n slides, or water toys at the park?
Yes, however special insurance regulations are required. You will also need to obtain a Special Event Permit through this link or by calling the special event coordinator.

If the pavilion is not rented, can I just use it?
Yes, when the pavilions are not reserved, they are public pavilions for use by all. Please remember to obey all park rules and limits.

If there are more than 100 people coming , Can I reserve two pavilions?
This will depend on the reason for the rental, normal picnic use is a standard rental, and two pavilions would work fine.  Ward parties etc. may need to be pushed to use the Special Event permit if they require additional accommodations other than pavilions. Click here for information on how to obtain a permit or call the Special Event Coordinator.

The park I want to rent has a walkway, can we hold a walk-a-thon or a fundraiser there with this rental?
Anything other than pavilion use requires a Special Event Permit, available here, at the City offices with the Special Event Coordinator.  This rental form is for pavilion use only.

Can I drive onto the lawn to do my set up?
Only City issued vehicles are allowed on the grass.

Can we do fireworks at the Parks ?
It is against the City fireworks laws to discharge any fireworks on public or City owned property.