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Lehi Cityscape

Mission – Vision – Values


Our family serving yours!


We are committed to being a progressive and dynamic organization striving for excellence in serving our community.


● Dedication
We are dedicated to excellence in serving the community. We
are dedicated to respecting our heritage and protecting the future of the
● Honesty
We are honest in all our dealings, this builds trust which is
paramount in our function in operating as a department.
● Integrity
We have an altruistic view of our chosen profession. We will
always strive to do what is right, not because of external influences, but
because we have a desire to do what is right for our community and our fire
● Professionalism
No matter the situation, we will serve with honor, excellence,
and selflessness to others without thought of recognition or gain. We will use
good judgment and competent skills to provide a service that no one else can.
● Knowledge
Knowledge and experience is the force behind progression.
We will enhance our ability to serve by promoting education, leadership, and
experience. We shall remember our past, observe our present, and prepare for
the future.
● Compassion
We will respond with the intent to care for those who may be
suffering. We are committed to serve others despite difficulty, failure, or
opposition. The actions we take for the greater good will reward us with pride
and ownership. Each day we have the opportunity to provide love and
empathy for ourselves and those we serve.