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Program Information

1. Register here

The program began January 1, but you can sign up anytime through October 31, 2016

2. Turn in points

Once you register, you will receive a monthly email the first workday (Monday – Thursday) of the month with a link where you will turn in your families’ points for that month. Points can be earned January 1 – November 30. Earn points are earned by achieving your Family Fitness Goal.

Earn one point each day you achieve your Family Fitness Goal. You family fitness goal can be anything that your family needs to work on to become healthier together. It could be: Exercise for 30 minutes per day; Eat at least four servings of fruits and vegetables per day; Be in bed by 10:30, Limit soda to one can per person per day; or whatever your families personal goal is. Each month you will record your family goal for the month along with your points earned that month. Families are encouraged to set goals that each family member works towards, however if circumstance dictates, individual goals can be set instead.

3. Win great prizes

Prize entrants will be given based off of your families earned points that month. Each person who you register is eligible to win points. Because the program is designed to get the whole family in shape, there is a slight deduction in points if individuals over the age of 14 do not participate. Entrants will continue to accumulate through the program end November 30.