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Lehi Cityscape

Comedy Sportz

The fast-paced improv comedy show ComedySportz will provide a hilarious show on Tuesday, June 20, as part of Comedy Night during the 2023 Lehi Round-Up celebration. The show will be at 7 p.m.  at Skyridge High School, 3000 N. Center, Lehi. Admission is free.Comedy Sportz

ComedySportz approaches comedy as a sport. The group has a Red Team and Blue Team that compete throughout the show for the audience’s laughter and affection and to win points. The referee takes suggestions from the audience, and the players use the suggestions to make instant hilarity with their fast-paced improv games.

At the end of each round, every audience member claps, cheers and points at the team or player that they want to receive points. The referee, based on volume and enthusiasm, awards the points accordingly.

They also have MR. VOICE and Improv Music that add to the comedic scenes. Various fouls are also used in the show like the “Groaner” and “Brown-bag” fouls. At the end of the night, the final score is tallied, and the champions are announced.