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Hire An Off Duty Police Officer

Off Duty Management (ODM) has years of experience throughout the country managing law enforcement off-duty programs and we will handle all aspects of your off-duty requests including scheduling, payroll, invoicing, and collections.

By using Off Duty Management, you receive the following benefits:

  • Online access to information through the OfficerTRAK® software including:
    • Create Requests
    • Request status
    • Officer clocking times
    • Field notes and media files
    • Post orders and instructions
    • Past and future shift information
  • Full liability coverage for your company, the agency, and the officer
  • 24/7 vendor service
  • Dedicated point of contact for scheduling and invoicing

As part of their off-duty program revisions, they have revised their off-duty fees.  The following fee schedule will go into effect on August 29, 2022.


TitleTotal Hourly Rate
Vehicle Fee*$9.50
2 Hours Minimum per Request
Vehicle Fee*:  A vehicle is required for every shift.

Terms and Conditions: All terms and conditions will be reflected on OfficerTRAK® when submitting a request for services.  These terms and conditions are consistent with Off Duty Management’s (ODM) contract with the Lehi, UT Police Department.

Payment and Invoicing: Off Duty Management will be directly paying our officers for their off-duty work and ODM will be reimbursed by your company.  See the terms listed below.

Invoicing and Payment Terms: ODM Reserves the right to require vendors to prepay for the services requested, including any applicable administration fees and sales tax.  If the vendor is approved for invoicing, invoiced payments will be net 30 days from the day the invoice is emailed to the vendor after services rendered. The vendor shall pay ODM’s invoice(s) within thirty (30) days after the date that the vendor receives such invoice(s).  A late payment charge of 1.5% per month may be imposed by ODM on all past due, undisputed balances.  Where state law mandates a lower late payment charge, the late payment charge shall be lowered to the highest rate that is legally permitted. If payment of such unpaid, past due, and undisputed amounts is not promptly received in accordance with the terms hereof, then ODM will have the option to terminate services at one or more of the vendor’s facilities following ODM’s provision of at least two (2) days’ notice to the vendor.  The vendor shall notify ODM of any dispute regarding the amount of an invoice within ten (10) days from the date of the vendor’s receipt of ODM’s invoice or such claim is deemed waived.

Invoiced Approved Vendors: Please email to  any of your company’s required invoice registration forms, required account payable processes, or portals prior to the start of the first requested job. Delay in this information provided to ODM will not extend vendor requirements regarding the 30-day net payment terms from the date of the invoice.

Credit Card Payments: For vendors paying by credit or with debit card, there will be an additional 3.0% fee for this payment method.


  1. Once an assignment has been approved and scheduled; Customer cancelling or reducing an assignment shall pay the full ODM administrative fees for the first 24 hours of the original assignment.
  2. Customer cancelling or reducing an assignment within 48 hours of the start of the assignment shall pay the greater of officer hours worked or the agency minimum hours plus ODM administrative fees for the first 24 hours of the original assignment.


Any questions please contact Off Duty Management: 385-446-4820.


Darren Paul
Chief of Police
Lehi Police Department