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Lehi Cityscape


LPD PatchThe Lehi City Police Department has applied for several grants from the Federal Government. These include grants for a digital fingerprint system that will enhance our officer’s abilities to compare fingerprints obtained from crime scenes in a much more fast and efficient manner, leading to more arrests and convictions.
We have also applied for a grant for an advanced crime scene investigation tool, which will be of great assistance to our detectives processing crime scenes for latent fingerprint evidence.
President Obama has pledged 1 billion dollars to law enforcement agencies nationwide to put more officers on the street. This grant, which requires absolutely no match money from the City, will pay for three additional officers for three years. After three years, the City will be required to absorb the cost of those officers.
These grants, if awarded, will provide a substantial boost to the Lehi City Police Department’s ability to adequately respond to the demands of our growing city.