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Epic Water Savings by Lehi Residents

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I’m going to start here—over one billion, sixty-six million gallons. That’s 3,274 acre-feet of water saved in Lehi compared to this same time last year. That is epic and if you can, pat yourself on the back.

I realize our city’s response to this year’s water situation caused a lot of heartburn. Many were angry and believed the restrictions were unfair. I get that. It affected me in the same manner as everyone else.

In reality, a drought affects everyone. Simply stated, a water right is a share divided out of the total amount of available water. Water shares are bought and sold for farms and developed property. In a good year there is water for everyone, but in a drought year, the lack of water affects every share holder negatively.

We did, however, learn some very important lessons that will prepare us for the future. When we restricted watering to only two days per week, I was concerned. Really concerned. But I wanted to comply so I decided to do some homework to minimize the damage. I know I am not the only one that found there is a better way to maintain your lawn using much less water. This is what I learned:

  • A smart controller is worth the investment. The one I purchased monitors the weather and automatically adjusts for rain and seasonal temperature changes. It allows me to easily adjust zones that start to suffer.
  • Hire someone who knows the right fertilizer and the best way to apply it. I have always done this myself but this year I realized a lawn care professional knows much more than I in keeping your lawn green.
  • Spot water areas that need attention instead of running the entire zone.
  • Aerate areas that frequently dry out.
  • Raise your lawn mower. I set mine to the second highest setting and it became clear the ground did not dry out as fast and the look was very acceptable.
  • Change some of your landscaping to xeriscape and convert to a drip system wherever possible.

After making these changes I have been amazed at how well my lawn looked despite the difficult conditions. But of course, the real benefit is the water savings we’ve experienced as a community. It saved us. Thank you. We have learned a more efficient way to live in this desert.

Remember, over one billion gallons saved!

Mayor Mark Johnson

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