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Urban Forestry

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Urban ForestryLehi City Buildings, Parks, and Cemetery

Urban Forestry is the careful care and management of tree populations and associated vegetation that make up the “forest” within a city for the purpose of improving the urban environment. The Urban Forester advocates the role of trees as a critical part of the urban infrastructure to promote the many benefits trees provide.  

The urban environment is a challenging place for trees to thrive. Construction activity, pollution, poor soils, restricted root space, vandalism, and pests are conditions that trees, and their managers must overcome which is overseen by Lehi Parks Department.

Here is a video from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations that shares some benefits of trees in urban areas.

Park strip tree Permit

Property owners must obtain a permit to plant trees in the right-of-way park strips. There is no fee associated with this required permit.

The purpose of the permit process is to ensure that new street tree plantings are appropriate for the size of the planting strip available, reducing the potential damage to sidewalks and curbs, reducing excessive litter, and will be a good addition to the city’s urban forest. 

No new trees are allowed in a planting strip of less than four feet. This permit is required only for street tree plantings. 
Click here to start the free permit.

Lehi City Parks Tree Identification Map – Coming Soon