Small Changes with a Great Impact

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Watered lawn

Governor Cox recently issued an Executive Order declaring a state of emergency for all of Utah due to drought conditions for the second year in a row. Utah has been impacted by drought 8 of the last 10 years. I join Governor Cox in my concern over the drought and again ask our community to… Read more »

The Barber – We Create Our Own Environment

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A few weeks ago, I was at a meeting where one our planning commissioners, Scott Bunker, told this story about a barber. A small-town barber was trimming the hair of a customer when another gentleman walked into his shop looking for information. The gentleman told the barber he was considering moving to the community and… Read more »

Epic Water Savings by Lehi Residents

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I’m going to start here—over one billion, sixty-six million gallons. That’s 3,274 acre-feet of water saved in Lehi compared to this same time last year. That is epic and if you can, pat yourself on the back. I realize our city’s response to this year’s water situation caused a lot of heartburn. Many were angry… Read more »

Prop 7 – PARC Tax

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Sunrise Summit Park

Lehi City residents will have the opportunity to vote for or against the following question during the 2021 General Election:  Shall Lehi, Utah, be authorized to impose a 0.1% (1 cent per $10 spent) sales and use tax to help fund recreational amenities, park facilities, cultural facilities and arts facilities and organizations in Lehi? The… Read more »

Election Information

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In the 2021 General Election, residents will vote for one mayoral seat and two council seats. You can learn more about the candidates, including links to campaign websites and contact information, by visiting our Election Information page.  Prop 7 PARC Tax Residents will also have the option to vote for or against Proposition 7, the… Read more »

The Future of Parks and Arts

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One of our local gems, Wines Park, was a donation of land from a local businessman more than a hundred years ago. Although the ground was free, the deal required Lehi citizens to develop the park within a certain time frame in order to obtain the deed. Rather than force this financial obligation upon the… Read more »

What I Know, What I Believe, and What I do not Know

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Last summer I was asked to offer my opinion regarding some of the more hotly debated issues surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak. I was somewhat hesitant. Not because I didn’t have ample information available to me, for I had been regularly engaged in discussions with heath doctors and epidemiology scientists within our state. I was, however,… Read more »

Engagement In Public Meetings

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City Hall Building Entrance

We are excited to be holding public meetings in person again. In order to respect Governor Herbert’s recommendations for social distancing, we have made some adjustments. Individuals who attend meetings in person will be expected to: Wear a face covering over both the nose and mouth Affirm that they are not experiencing any symptoms related… Read more »

Lehi Officers Aim for a Culture of Safety and Mutual Respect

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Police officer holding a boy in a police uniform.

 The Lehi City Police Department takes the safety and well-being of our officers and those we serve seriously and we strive to maintain a culture of mutual respect and trust with the community. One of the most important skills to maintain safety and respect is a police officer’s ability to use effective verbal communication to… Read more »