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Field Reservations


Due to limited resources and high demand, fields are not available to be rented for practices, and organizations will be given game and special event rental preference in the following order:

Tier 1: Lehi City Programs & Events.
Tier 2: Other Government-Sponsored Use.
Tier 3: Developmental Programs/Charitable Entities.
Tier 4: For-Profit Organizations/Commercial Business.


Lehi City fields are first come, first serve for practices and scrimmages. We will not take reservations for practices or scrimmages at any Lehi City field. However, reservations are required for all organized games and tournaments held at a Lehi City Park. We will only take reservations for the following parks: Northlake Park, Osier Park, Olympic Park, Sports Park and Veteran’s Ball Park. More details about these parks can be found here:

Failure to adhere to any field reservation policies could result in a team, organization or individual being asked to leave the park and/or could jeopardize the ability to rent fields from Lehi City in the future.


Baseball Field Rental Agreement

Soccer Field Rental Agreement

Football Field Rental Agreement


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