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Lehi Cityscape

Reviews – Ages 8 and Up

Title:  Mr. and Mrs. Bunny – Detectives Extraordinaire!

Author:  Polly Horvath

“When foxes kidnap her parents, intrepid Madeline hires the title pair of cottontail sleuths.  This witty adventure aims to surprise, right down to the details.”  (Family Fun, June/July 2012, Alicia Potter, Page 86)

Title:  Partners in Crime (Sleuth or Dare Series)

Author:  Kim Harrington

New paperback series.  Stars two very different best friends who share a talent for investigating.  In this suspenseful first installment, the girls learn the truth about seventh-grade fashionista Fiona Fanning’s missing twin – and discover a thing or two about cute Zane Munro in the process.”  Three titles due this summer.  (Family Fun, June/July 2012, Alicia Potter, Page 86)

Title:  Charlie Collier, Snoop for Hire:  The Homemade Stuffing Caper

Author:  John Madormo

“The brilliant hero takes his detective agency out of the family garage and into the big time.  The mystery:  who’s swiping exotic birds?”  (Family Fun, June/July 2012, Alicia Potter, Page 86)

Title:  Cold Cereal

Author:  Adam Rex

“This Book is Great! Crisp as Cornflakes.  Everything about the manufacture and marketing of the breakfast staple receives a major spoofing as new kid in town Scott Doe digs into the dangerous truth about the Goodco Cereal Company.  Besides churning out Puffties and KoKoLumps, the sugar crazed corporation is gunning for world domination!  Scott’s source?  Goodco’s leprechaun mascot.  With wicked wit and vivid description, Rex has produced a multilayered adventure that’s decidedly out of the box.”  (Family Fun, Alicia Potter, May 2012, Page 66)

Title:  Breadcrumbs

Author:  Anne Ursu

“A Fairy Tale for the 21st Century.  10-year-0ld Hazel enters an enchanted wood to rescue her best friend, Jack, after he vanishes with a woman made of ice.  The tale artfully blends real-life challenges (rocky friendships) with fairy-tale features.  My family is especially fond of the audio version, which brings to life both the slightly scary plot and the humor.  (Family Fun, Suzan Jackson, May 2012, Page 69)  Available at the Lehi City Library

Title:  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again

Author:  Frank Boyce Cottrell

“Rev up a Classic.  A spirited sequel to the Ian Fleming classic, the Tooting family brings a contemporary edge to the series, though their ’66 camper van is vintage.  This flying auto – and the story – take off when Dad and son Jem install an airplane engine, propelling the Tootings to Paris, then Cairo, with villains on their tail.  Chitty may require a crank-start, but this diverting read moves right along, thanks to the deadpan humor and warm relationships.”  (Family Fun, May 2012, Alicia Potter, Page 70)  Available at the Lehi City Library

Title:  Rainmaker

Author:  Kevin Markey

“The fourth title in the Author’s popular baseball series, The Super Sluggers.”  (Family Fun, May 2012, Page 70)