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Lap Pool

Legacy Center Lap PoolLap Pool Hours

Lap Pool Schedule

Members Only Lap Swimming
Monday-Saturday 5 a.m. to 8 a.m.; 9:00 p.m. to 10:50 p.m.

Just a Reminder: Member only hours at the Aquatic Center are for members who are conditioning by swimming laps, walking, etc. It is not a time for parents or children to play in the water. Only those who are actually conditioning are allowed in the pools during this time or members of special aquatics programs that may be scheduled during this time.

Lap Pool Closures

Oct 29 8am-Noon  – Swim Meet   (Lehi/Cedar Valley/)
Nov 15  1pm -7pm  – Swim Meet
Dec 1  1pm -7pm  – Swim Meet
Dec 2  1pm -7pm  – Swim Meet  (Lehi/Orem/Woods Cross)
Dec 16  3pm -9pm  – Swim Meet  (Lehi District Invite)
Dec 22  3pm -9pm  – Swim Meet (USA)
Jan 7  8am – 1pm Swim Meet
Jan 13  1pm -7pm  – Swim Meet  (Lehi/Alta)
Jan 17  3pm -7pm  – Swim Meet (USA)
Jan 19  1pm -7pm  – Swim Meet  (Cedar Valley/Cottonwood)
Jan 20  1pm -7pm  – Swim Meet (Senior Night Lehi/Skyridge/Westlake/Cedar Valley)
Feb 28  3pm -9pm  – Swim Meet (USA)

Mar 26 8am-1pm – Utah Underwater Robotics

***Pool hours are subject to change without notice. The front desk calendar will show any special events that may interrupt the pool hours.***