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Lehi Cityscape

Mayors of Lehi

Mayor Silas Barnes (1853-1854)

Lehi Mayor 1853-1854 Silas Barnes was born in New Hampshire in 1805. He migrated to Utah in 1851 and settled in Lehi in 1852. The first election in Lehi was held January 29, 1853. Silas Barnes ran unopposed and served until he moved to California in April 1854.
Mayor Silas Barnes Biography 

Mayor David Evans (1854-1861)

Mayor David Evans David Evans was a key player in Lehi history. Evans also served as a bishop in Lehi for the LDS church for 28 years. He was pivotal in supervising many public works projects during Lehi’s establishment, including a fortification around the city.
Mayor David Evans Biography

Mayor John R. Murdock (1861-1863)

Mayor John R. Murdock John R. Murdock, born in 1826 in Ohio, was elected as Lehi’s third mayor in 1861, after running unopposed. Following his term as mayor, he also served on the Territorial Legislature, the Utah State Legislature, and was a member of the Constitutional Convention in 1895 to frame the Utah State Constitution.
Mayor John R. Murdock Biography

Mayor Lorenzo H. Hatch (1863)

Mayor Lorenzo Hatch Lorenzo H. Hatch served only one month as mayor. Hatch was born in Vermont in 1826 and moved to Lehi because of his friendship with David Evans. He moved to Franklin, Idaho one month after being elected mayor. He and his brother built the grist mill at American Fork Canyon.
Mayor Lorenzo Hatch Biography

Mayor Isaac Goodwin (1863-1867; 1875-1877)

Mayor Isaac Goodwin Isaac Goodwin completed Mayor Hatch’s term as mayor and later completed the term of Mayor William Winn. Goodwin was born in Connecticut in 1810. He was responsible for bringing alfalfa seed to Lehi, which became the foundation of Lehi’s hay industry.
Mayor Isaac Goodwin Biography

Mayor Israel Evans (1867-1869)

Mayor Israel Evans Israel Evans, son of Mayor David Evans, was born in Ohio in 1828. During his administration, all land in the surveyed Lehi township was registered with the Federal land office making it possible, for the first time, for citizens to receive deed to their property.
Mayor Israel Evans Biography

Mayor William H. Winn (1869-1875; 1877-1879)

Mayor William Winn Mayor Winn was born in Pennsylvania in 1833 and was the son-in-law to Mayor David Evans. During his administration Lehi City built its first City Hall on the north side of Main Street between 100 W. and 200 W. At 36, he was the youngest mayor elected to Lehi City.
Mayor William H. Winn Biography

Mayor Andrew Rasmus Anderson (1879-1881)

Mayor Andrew Anderson Mayor Andrew R. Anderson was born in Denmark in 1844. He immigrated to Utah in 1862 and settled in Lehi in 1870. He served as a policeman, Lehi Marshal, and then mayor. He played a role in establishing Lehi Irrigation Co. to distribute water throughout Lehi.
Mayor Andrew Rasmus Anderson Biography

Mayor Samuel R. Thurman (1881-1882)

Mayor Samuel Thurman Born in Kentucky in 1850, Samuel R. Thurman was a prominent lawyer and politician. He also served on the Utah Territorial Legislature (1882-1890), chairman of the Utah Democratic Party, and justice of the Utah Supreme Court. He was instrumental in obtaining suffrage for women in the Utah Constitutional Convention of 1895.
Mayor Samuel R. Thurman Biography

Mayor Ole Ellingson (1883-1887; 1893-1895)

Mayor Ole Ellingson Mayor Ellingson was born in Norway in 1831 and settled in Utah in 1854. He was the son-in-law of Mayor David Evans. during his time as mayor, Lehi faced a diphtheria outbreak and he directed the Quarantine Board to try and isolate contagious families. Ellingson was Lehi’s first Republican mayor, served on the board of the Lehi Irrigation Company, and founded the Lehi Commercial and Savings Bank (1891).
Mayor Ole Ellingson Biography

Mayor George Webb (1887-1889)

Mayor George Webb Mayor George Webb was born in England in 1839. He served as the city attorney, an alderman, and eventually on the Utah Territorial Legislature. Webb was responsible for purchasing land for the first city park, developing many new roads, and securing the Lehi Sugar Factory.
Mayor George Webb Biography

Mayor Samuel Taylor (1889-1891)

Mayor Samuel Taylor Mayor Samuel Taylor was born in England in 1840. He was a member of the Lehi Brass Band and Lehi Silver Band. He served as a city councilman, alderman, mayor, police captain, and judge. Mayor Taylor was a veteran of the Black Hawk War.


Mayor Abel John Evans (1891-1894)

Mayor Abel Evans Born in 1852, Mayor Abel Evans was the first mayor born in Lehi. He initiated a series of local government law classes that taught the constitution, which led to a second political party challenging the People’s Party. He also served on the Utah County Commission and Utah State Senate.
Mayor Abel John Evans Biography

Mayor Mosiah Evans (1896-1897; 1900; 1903)

Mayor Mosiah Evans Mosiah was the son of Mayor David Evans and had previously served as city recorder. He was serving as mayor when Utah became a state. Mosiah was elected to the Utah State Legislature in 1900 and resigned from his second term as mayor.
Mayor Mosiah Evans Biography

Mayor John S. Willes (1897-1899)

Mayor John Willes John S. Willes ran for mayor in 1897 as a democrat supporting prohibition. The prohibitionists won. Under his two year administration, Mayor Willes was responsible for bringing electricity to Lehi City. In 1899, residents decided they had had enough prohibition and replaced Mayor Willes with former Mayor Evans.
Mayor John S. Willes Biography

Mayor George Austin (1900-1902)

Mayor George AustinGeorge Austin was appointed mayor in November 1900 when Mayor Evans was elected to the state legislature. He served until 1902 when he too was elected to the state legislature. The Lehi Volunteer Fire Department was founded during his administration.
Mayor George Austin Biography

Mayor John Roberts, Jr. (1904-1905)

Mayor John Roberts John Roberts was born in England in 1848 and immigrated to Lehi with his family in 1863. Before serving as mayor he served as the city treasurer (6 terms), a city councilman (2 terms), and on the Lehi School Board (6 years).

Mayor John Roberts Jr. Biography

Mayor Thomas Web (1906-1909)

Mayor Thomas Webb Son of Mayor George Webb, Thomas was born in England in 1858. He married the daughter of Mayor Abel Evans in 1882. Schoolhouse Springs was developed during his administration, which created a culinary water system for Lehi from the springs in Alpine. The city still uses this water source today.
Thomas Webb Biography

Mayor Edward Southwick (1910-1911)

Mayor Edward Southwick Mayor Southwick served as the city recorder (1898-1899) and as a trustee of the School Board before being elected. Following his term of mayor, he served in the Utah House of Representatives and the Utah State Senate. He was the director of the State Bank of Lehi for many years. During his term the first Lehi Public Library was established.
Mayor Edward Southwick Biography

Mayor William Racker (1911-1913)

Mayor William Racker Born in Denmark, William Racker was a prominent merchant in Lehi. During his administration the city paved its first sidewalk and the Salt Lake and Utah Electric Railroad came through town. The train depot was built at 300 North and 100 West.
Mayor William Racker Biography

Mayor William Francis Gurney (1914-1917)

Mayor William Gurney During Mayor Gurney’s administration speed regulations were first introduced, Camp Williams was created, and Wines Park was deeded to the city. He also led Lehi through World War 1 as residents provided support through Liberty Bonds, military recruitment, and sugar production.
Mayor William F. Gurney Biography

Mayor Sydney Gilchrist (1918-1919; 1928-1931)

Mayor Gilchrist welcomed home returning solders from World War 1 and his administration was responsible for the construction of the Lehi Memorial Hall, which honored veterans. Gilchrist’s second term was during the Great Depression. He died while in office due to injuries sustained in an automobile accident.
Mayor Sydney Gilchrist Biography

Mayor James H. Gardner (1920-1921)

James Gardner came to Lehi to work in the sugar plant, having gained experience in processing sugar in Hawaii. During Mayor Gardner’s administration the city first adopted the budget system and established drainage districts. He later served as a county commissioner and on the Utah Legislature.
Mayor James H. Gardner Biography

Mayor Joseph S. Broadbent (1922-1927)

Joseph S. Broadbent was born and raised in Lehi and opened Broadbent and Son in 1882. The store remained in business until August 2017. Mayor Broadbent was responsible for seeing the completion of the Lehi Memorial Building and establishing Lehi Power.
Mayor Joseph S. Broadbent Biography

Mayor Isaac W. Fox (1932-1933; 1936-1937)

Mayor Fox was appointed to the position in January 1932, following the death of Mayor Gilchrist. Lehi’s community celebration, Lehi Round-Up, was established during his first term, then called Utah Beet Sugar Days. He led Lehi through much of the Great Depression, a time of fear and anxiety.
Mayor Isaac W. Fox Biography

Mayor Stanley M. Taylor (1934-1935)

Mayor Taylor was raised in Lehi, the grandson of pioneer settlers. He fought in World War 1 and was a pharmacist by profession. He ran on the platform, “Our Light Plant with Pay,” during a time when there was concern that the newly established power plant was not profitable.
Mayor Stanley M. Taylor Biography

27th Mayor-Mayor John N. Whimpey

28th Mayor-Mayor Dean Prior

29th Mayor-Mayor George Lewis

30th Mayor-Mayor Daryl Fowler

31st Mayor-Mayor L. Carlos Coates

32nd Mayor-Mayor George W. Leany

33rd Mayor-Mayor Frank Sharp

34th Mayor-Mayor Harold D. Westring

35th Mayor- Mayor Calvin H. Swenson

36th Mayor-Mayor Morris W. Clark

37th Mayor- Mayor Evan Colledge

38th Mayor-Mayor Kenneth Blaine Singleton

Mayor A. E. Bud Ellison (1982)

Mayor Ellison was responsible for hiring Police Chief Bill Gibbs, cleaning up blighted areas in the community, and developing an extensive organizational chart for Lehi City employees. He resigned after 195 days due to a conflict of interest with his employment at the Intermountain Power Agency.
Mayor Bud Ellison Biography

Mayor Garry Sampson (1982-1983)

Garry Sampson was appointed to replace Mayor Bud Ellison following his resignation. Previous to the appointment, Sampson was serving on the city council. During his administration Utah Lake and Dry Creek flooded many parts of Lehi, “Footloose” was filmed, and Mayor Sampson implemented many cost-saving efforts to keep the city in sound financial position.
Mayor Garry Sampson Biography

george tripp

Mayor George Tripp (1984-1989)

Mayor Tripp oversaw a number of improvement projects to the city’s sewer system (using Community Development Block Grant funds) and the culinary water system. During his administration a portion of the old Lehi Jr. High was preserved and renovated into what is now the Lehi Public Library.
Mayor George Tripp Biography

Mayor Guy Cash (1990-1992)

Mayor Cash, originally from Idaho, located to Lehi in 1972. He served on the Board of Adjustments, Library Board, Tri City Golf Course Committee, and City Council before being elected Mayor. His administration is responsible for preserving the Lehi Memorial Building.
Mayor Guy Cash Biography

Mayor Ronald V. Smith (1992-1993)

Ronald Smith, a Lehi native, was appointed in 1992 to complete Mayor Cash’s term following his resignation. At the time of his appointment he was serving as a city councilman. Mayor Smith implemented the Capital Improvement Plan during his tenure to plan for future infrastructure projects.
Mayor Ronald V. Smith Biography

Mayor William L. Gibbs (1994-1997)

Born in Idaho and raised in Oregon, Bill Gibbs spent most of his professional life in public service as a police officer. He came to Lehi in February 1982 and became the Chief of Police. He retired in 1993 and was elected Mayor at the beginning of Lehi’s growth.
Mayor Bill Gibbs Biography

Mayor Ken Greenwood (1998-2005)

Mayor Howard H. Johnson (2006-2009)

Mayor Bert Wilson (2010-2017)