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Citizen’s Agenda

We know that City Council meeting agendas are not always the easiest to understand. There can be a lot of legal requirements on how items must be listed and that can be tricky to make sense of what the council is actually discussing and deciding on for each meeting. Below we have created a staff interpretation of the agenda to hopefully help make each item a little easier to understand. To see the original agenda or watch the meeting online visit:


City Council Agenda – 10.11.2022

City Council Agenda – 9.13.2022

City Council Agenda- 8.23.2022

City Council Agenda – 8.9.2022

City Council Agenda – 6.14.2022

City Council Agenda – 5.10.2022

City Council Agenda- 3.22.2022

City Council Agenda – 2.22.2022