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As of September 6, 2023


No new cases or hospitalizations have been reported over the past 2-3 weeks. There were 12 cases overall, with 6 hospitalized (1 with hemolytic uremic syndrome [HUS]). The last known PI water exposure date related to a Lehi case was August 4th.


The investigation linked the source of the cases to using pressurized irrigation for drinking and recreation, such as running through sprinklers or playing on slip-n-slides, bounce houses, and kiddie pools. There is currently no evidence that the cases came from incidental exposure, such as playing in the grass or on a play structure.


The Water Department will continue to monitor and treat the Sandpit Reservoir through the end of the irrigation season (October 15) with a drip-dosing system of copper sulfate (treatment levels are safe for pets and livestock). The available testing has indicated reduced counts of coliform and E. coli. Even with the treatment, the PI water will not reach the standard of culinary drinking water.


If you choose to use PI water, please remember the following:

  • Do not drink pressurized irrigation (PI) water (this includes pets).
  • Do not play in PI water.
  • Irrigation water should not be used for bounce houses, pools, slip-n-slides, etc.
  • Though there are not Lehi cases linked to uncooked produce, be cautious with produce from your garden. It currently recommended by the CDC that you do not consume uncooked produce from your personal garden.
  • Keep outside toys out of the mouth of children.
  • Always practice good hygiene of thoroughly washing hands and keeping hands out of the mouth.
  • You can safely handle contaminated items with your hands without getting sick if you thoroughly wash your hands before handling food, before handling something you may put in your mouth, or before touching your mouth and nose. 

For more information, visit the E. coli information page. Questions can be sent to To receive up-to-date City notices and emergency alerts, visit Everbridge Alerts at or scan the QR code below.


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