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Lehi’s Strategic Transportation Plan for a Growing Future

The entire Mountain West is experiencing unprecedent growth with new businesses, residents, and opportunities flourishing within our borders. While this growth provides new opportunities, it brings with it a set of challenges, none more pressing than the strain on our current transportation systems. During commute peak hours, traffic congestion has become a daily reality for many along our municipal corridors. It’s clear that we are in need of solutions.

To tackle this issue head-on, we are implementing a comprehensive plan designed to ease traffic congestion and enhance overall transportation efficiency. We have partnered with Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) to research effective road changes. Key intersections are slated for targeted improvements, leveraging state-of-the-art traffic management systems to optimize traffic flow. This past year we worked with UDOT on updated signal coordination plans for 2100 North, Pioneer Crossing and Redwood Rd. These initiatives are critical to maintaining the smooth operation of our growing community.

Lehi is committed to enhancing the safety and efficiency of the city’s transportation infrastructure. Recognizing the importance of smooth traffic flow and pedestrian safety, we are implementing several traffic signal improvements throughout Lehi, including a traffic signal at 1100 West at Main Street Pedestrian traffic signals are also being implemented at North Point Elementary School and the Waste Ditch trail. These improvements are crucial to ensuring a safe commute for residents and creating a more secure environment for pedestrians navigating our city streets.

Looking ahead to 2024, we have planned additional road projects to further enhance traffic management. The installation of traffic signals on Cold Spring Dr at 3600 West and Fox Canyon Road at Traverse Mountain Boulevard will contribute significantly to overall safety. Moreover, we are taking a proactive approach to address growing traffic demands with construction slated to begin on the widening of 2300 West to five lanes, spanning from Main Street to 2100 North. This expansion aims to alleviate congestion and improve the overall flow of traffic in this key corridor. Simultaneously, construction will commence on the 600 East road connection, linking Airport Drive to 2600 North, providing a vital alternative route and fostering a more connected and accessible Lehi. Together, these initiatives underscore our commitment to creating a safer, more efficient transportation network for the benefit of all our residents.

The urgency of addressing our transportation challenges cannot be overstated. As we witness unprecedented growth in Lehi, the need for an efficient, reliable transportation system is paramount. I appreciate your understanding and support as we work together to build a community that not only accommodates growth but thrives because of it.

Often, new transportation solutions are difficult to accept, but are necessary to address future congestion and mobility.

– Mayor Mark Johnson

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