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Lehi City Planning Division Wins Merit Award

Lehi City community development

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Lehi, Utah (December 15, 2022)- Lehi City announced that its Planning Division was awarded with a Merit Award by The Utah Chapter of American Planning Association (APAUtah) for its General Plan update. The City was amongst various Utah cities, counties, and universities who received recognition during the APAUtah 2022 award ceremony for contribution to the advancement of community planning.

“On behalf of the entire Utah Chapter and the Executive Committee congratulations to all the award winners, these are amazing projects and plans,” stated Chapter President Kirsten Whetstone. “They (projects) truly highlight the level of planning going on in Utah.”

Lehi’s recently updated Land Use Element aims to tackle challenges associated with rapid growth by creating a less auto-dependent environment, providing housing opportunities, and increasing livability of the community. The plan includes a centers approach with the inclusion of transit-oriented (TOD) and mixed-use development areas to support transit, walkability, and bike-ability.  It also identifies key open space and environmentally sensitive areas to ensure their protection as well as access to recreation and nature.

“We are excited about the outcome of the plan; it hopefully incorporates active transportation more aggressively than we have ever done,” stated Community Development Director Kim Struthers, AICP. “We spent a lot of time talking to our Planning Commission and Council about TOD’s and what it means to create a real TOD. Almost all the new growth, any new density that we added to our plan is focused in those areas.”

Lehi City’s general plan outlines the City’s goals and policies with relation to physical, social, economic, and environmental issues. It allows the City to proceed into the future in a way that will enhance the amenities and services of the community, and the quality of life and available opportunities for Lehi City residents. 

For more information, or to share feedback on current developments and planning visit Engage Lehi.



About APAUtah

The Utah Chapter of the American Planning Association (APAUtah) is a non-profit organization of professionals, planning officials and citizen planners who serve Utah’s communities in many ways, at all levels of government, in the private sector, universities and colleges, and not-for-profit organizations.


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