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Phase II Water Restriction in Place

Watered lawn

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Effective June 28, 2018, water users are restricted to watering outside areas on non-consecutive days, or no more than every other day. We strongly encourage residents only water every third day.

With the historically low precipitation this past winter and with the recent above normal temperatures, we believe it is necessary to implement Phase II: Moderate Water Shortage restrictions per the Lehi City Water Shortage Management Plan. Exceptions are made for new lawns that require frequent irrigation within 30 days for establishment purposes. Exceptions are also made for short cycles required for testing, inspecting, and maintaining irrigation systems.

Since Lehi City’s fire hydrants are connected to the Pressurized Irrigation (PI) system it is necessary for the PI system to maintain minimum levels of water in its storage reservoirs to provide water for fire suppression when the fire department needs to fight a fire. With the lack of rain and snow this past winter, and with the unseasonably hot temperatures some of our reservoirs have struggled to maintain minimum levels as residents and businesses water their landscaping. Thus it is necessary to move to Phase II of the Water Shortage Management Plan.

Phase II requires that there shall be no watering of outside areas at any individual owner on consecutive days. This means that watering shall occur at most every other day. In the past this was administered as odd and even watering days. If your address ended in an odd number you could water on the odd days on the calendar, if you address ended in an even number you could water on the even days on the calendar. The new restriction allows for individual homeowners and businesses to use best watering practices to water less than every other day where possible.

While this level of restriction allows homeowners and businesses to water every other day, we at the Water Department would strongly recommend that those users that have well established lawns and landscaping go beyond the every other day requirement and set their irrigation clocks and controllers to water every third day. They may need to set each zone to water just a bit longer to allow for the water to penetrate deeper into the soil. By watering every third day it will conserve water, which is one of our most valuable resources.

We are optimistic and hopeful that with the help of residents and business owners we will not need to issue additional water restriction this summer.

Visit the Water Conservation page for resources on how to best conserve water.

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