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Lehi Water Enters into Consent Order with the Division of Water Quality

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In January 2018, the Division of Water Quality conducted an audit of Lehi City’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). The audit found that Lehi City has not fully implemented the MS4 program in accordance with the Utah Pollutant Discharge Elimination system (UPDES) permit. As a result, Lehi City agreed to fund an environmental mitigation project in the amount of $24,397. The project will benefit water sources in our geographical area.

In addition, the city has entered into a Consent Order with the Division of Water Quality. The Daily Herald will be publishing a public notice on Tuesday, October 23. The public notice period will last for 30 days. Lehi City is eager to implement the program outlined in the consent order.

The Water Department has already taken some action to resolve deficiencies in our system. Those actions include building a wash down and dump facility for city vehicles, discontinuing use of the noncomplying wash down pad, constructing a new storm drain system at our fleet facility with safeguards to prevent pollution, and requiring all full-time city employees to participate in storm water pollution prevention training on an annual basis.

Lehi City is committed to fully implementing a storm water management plan that will prevent pollution and illicit discharge into natural waters. We appreciate the representatives from the Division of Water Quality and their willingness to educate and support us as we improve our storm drain system.

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