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Spring is in the Air in Lehi

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As a part of Beautify Lehi Month in April, city staff helped plant trees and bushes at the new Pointe Meadow Skatepark. Employees from parks, administration, engineering, public works, fire and power all participated. The Police Department helped with landscaping at their facility. More than a hundred bushes and trees were planted, with more to come. We also heard of many community projects and individual efforts that were made to beautify our community. I personally want to thank everyone for their efforts. We cannot do it alone.

We have heard from many that Pointe Meadow is one of the greatest, if not the best, skatepark in Utah. We have also improved the basketball and tennis courts at the park. In the near future we will replace the playground equipment and fencing. I can hardly wait for the ribbon cutting on May 19 to make it official. This will be a nice compliment to the area and to our city.

With Mother’s Day coming, I hope that we all remember our mother on this special day. None of us would be here without our mother and she deserve a bit of gratitude. Some ladies have not had the opportunity to be a mom in their own sense, but I believe every lady can have a motherly influence on young boys and girls in their neighborhood. Lehi has the best kids because they have the best examples to follow. Thanks to all of the women in our community for working so hard to make our youth the greatest. Kids—take time to tell these important ladies in your life, “Thank you.” Husbands—tell your wife how important she is and do something nice for her. Then, keep it up all year.

We still have many road closures and projects going on all over town. As one road reopens, another closes. Please be patient as we update and relocate our public utilities. The growth rate has never been as great as it is now, and I don’t see an end in sight. Some may not like all of the new residences and commercial businesses, while others are happy to see it. No matter on what side of the fence you sit, it’s going to happen. Let’s all embrace it.

We are expecting pretty high water with the run off this year.  I hope we don’t see flooding, but if the weather heat up too rapidly we can expect high water. If you live in low-lying areas start to prepare.  The City has sand bags available if the need arises.  Don’t let children play around water ways and be cautious of others as they sneak up to peek.

To you high school seniors with graduation coming up, do the right thing and don’t let graduation be marred by distracted driving from phones, substances or lack of sleep.  You all worked too hard to have something bad happen while celebrating.

Have a great spring. Love your moms and wives and do something special for them.  Get out and walk and see what Lehi looks like from the ground. We have lots of trails to fit your needs.

The power of love is the strongest power on earth; take the time to feel and show the power.

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