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Service Makes Our City a Community

Posted Category: Mayor's Posts.

As spring has come upon us our thoughts go to the warmer weather and participating in outdoor activities. Usually one of those activities sponsored by Lehi City is Beautify Lehi Month. We haven’t forgotten about it, but we have moved it to May so we can have warmer weather. Be sure to look for those activities as a way residents can beautify Lehi and help our neighbors.

I have been thinking recently about the departments throughout our city and all that they do to make sure we live in a great community. For example, Lehi Power Department works night and day to make sure we have electricity in our homes. We often take power for granted until we have an outage. I appreciate the power department and all that they do for us. You can learn more about what each department does and express appreciation at our annual Lehi City Expo, coming the last Thursday of the month. Get a hot dog, take a ride in a bucket truck, learn about water conservation, and find out what our leisure services departments have to offer.

Before we know it, Lehi Round-Up Celebration will be here. Always held the last full week in June, this is an opportunity for the city to come together and celebrate our community. The celebration thrives on volunteers. Whether it is building a miniature float or working in a concession stand at the rodeo, volunteers spend many hours making Lehi Round-Up great. There are opportunities to serve in a number of ways. If you are interested in volunteering, contact our special events coordinator, Melanie Hansen, at

Many of you may not know the history of miniature floats and how they are funded. They have been a part of the Round-Up Celebration for over 100 years. The proceeds from the rodeo concession stands are used to fund the floats for the miniature parade. We know that they are a lot of work and a great time commitment, but we hope it brings a sense of community and togetherness for this wonderful family-friendly event. Thank you for your hard work and for keeping this tradition alive.

My parents taught our family to take time to serve in our community to help make it a better place to live and have a sense of belonging. My dad always said, “If you’re not serving, you don’t have the right to complain.” Whether or not you agree with his statement, I hope you can find a way to serve in our community. Participate in whatever activity you might enjoy and do your part to keep Lehi focused on community. May I speak for the Mayor and City Council when I say, “thank you to all who serve in this great City of Lehi.” You are awesome and greatly appreciated.

Mike Southwick

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