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The Results Are In Residents Agree: Lehi Is a Great Place To Live

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Lehi City recently conducted a resident survey. I was pleased to see that residents gave positive overall ratings to the City and its services. You can find the survey results on our website at

The two major concerns expressed in the survey were related to traffic and growth. One question on the survey asked residents how the city compares to five years ago. Thirty-nine percent of those surveyed responded by saying they didn’t live here five years ago. This shows that the growth continues, but people still want to live in Lehi.

One of the facts of a growing state and city is that the more we grow, the more road construction and detours we will see. We are often asked, “What can Lehi do to stop the growth?” In short, the answer is, we can only stop it if we cannot serve it. We have a responsibility to provide essential services. At times we have told developers that they must wait for power and water infrastructure before certain projects can be built.

Farmers have the right to sell their land and developers have the right to buy it and build homes and businesses. No one wants to see a nice, open field turn to homes, but we all enjoy the new neighbors that development brings. No one wants road congestion, but we enjoy the new job opportunities for us and our children. I remember a time when our kids graduated from college and then had to find work out of state. Now they graduate and their out-of-state friends move here for work, because this is a good place to live and work. You would be hard-pressed to find a place that cares more about families than Lehi.

If you have traveled on 200 West and 600 North you have seen enough construction equipment to build a freeway to the moon.  Well, we are not going to the moon but we are building bridges to facilitate more runoff water from the spring thaw. This is a much needed improvement. The project is going to take a couple of months so don’t get discouraged thinking it will be an overnighter.  It will be nice to have it done and it will benefit our city.

If the sun comes out and it turns hot for several days we could have some flooding issues.  The normal time for fast melting snow is in May. Our engineers and streets department are doing their best to make sure we are ready for high water.  My hope is that it just melts slowly.  However, we are grateful for the moisture this year and I consider us to be blessed.   Just as a reminder—high water and tubing DO NOT GO TOGETHER.  Keep your children safe and avoid the ditches and creeks.

Please don’t eat, text, or talk on the phone when you drive.  Most people like me have a lot to get done before we have that final interview on how we did.  Keep smiling, get ready for spring, brush your teeth, and think good thoughts. No one likes a frowny face with bad breath.

Mayor Bert Wilson


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