Parks & Trails

North Lehi Parks

Eagle Summit Park pavilion and trailEagle Summit Park
5100 North 2600 West

Located in the Traverse Mountain area, Eagle Summit is an 8 acre neighborhood park that features a basketball court, a baseball/softball practice field, restrooms, playgrounds, and a pavilion.

Pilgrim Landing Park playground equipmentPilgrims Landing Park
3900 North Mayflower Ave

Located in a residential area north of Thanksgiving Point, this 5-acre neighborhood park offers a baseball/softball practice field, playground equipment, and a pavilion.

Sunrise Summit Park tennis courts and trailSunrise Summit Park
Traverse Mountain Blvd &
Chapel Ridge Road

Sunrise Summit, located in the Traverse Mountain area, features tennis courts, playground equipment, a pavilion, and restrooms.

East Lehi Parks

Centennial Park playgroundCentennial Park
600 West 2250 North

This 4-acre neighborhood park has a basketball court, playground equipment, and a pavilion. The park is surrounded by a paved walking trail.

Dry Creek stream throughout the parkDry Creek Park
100 West 1600 North

Dry Creek Park is a unique park that runs along Dry Creek in East Lehi with access to the trail. The park offers the city’s first disc golf course, walking trails, pavilions, restrooms and playground equipment.

Benches and playground at Firehouse ParkFirehouse Park
2600 North 250 West

Firehouse Park, located next to Fire Station 82, is a small neighborhood park of approximately 1/2 an acre. The park includes benches and playground equipment for small children.

Pavilion at Summercrest Park with mountains in the backgroundSummercrest Park
1050 East 1900 North

Surrounded by residential subdivisions, Summercrest Park is neighborhood park of approximately 3 acres and features a playground, pavilion, soccer fields, and open space.

Pavilion at Summercrest Park with mountains in the backgroundIvory Ridge Park
3200 North 560 West

Ivory Ridge Park features the city’s first splash pad, a pavilion, two playgrounds, and open space for recreational sports. Learn more about the splash pad.

South Lehi Parks

Chapel Valley ParkChapel Valley Park
880 West 975 South

Just northeast of Pioneer Crossing and 1100 West, this mini park of approximately 1.7 acres includes one playground and open multi-use space.

North Lake ParkNorth Lake Park
500 West 2000 South

At approximately 28 acres, North Lake Park is currently the cities largest community park. The park has open space used for soccer fields, restrooms, and trail access points.

Parkview ParkParkview Park
1425 South 400 West

Parkview is a 4.5-acre neighborhood park with open field space. There are currently no amenities available.


Stagecoach Crossing Park LargeStagecoach Crossing Large Park
525 South 1915 West

The large Stagecoach Crossing Park is approximately 3 acres. There are two basketball courts and one pavilion located at the park.


Stagecoach Crossing Park SmallStagecoach Crossing Small Park
1500 West 700 South

Stagecoach Crossing Small Park is a mini park that is approximately 2 acres with one playground.


Sports Park
2000 West 700 South

Sports Park offers many sports opportunities and amenities. This 24-acre community park offers 2 basketball courts, 2 volleyball courts, 4 tennis courts, 3 baseball/softball fields, soccer and football fields, restrooms, playground equipment, and a pavilion.

West Lehi Parks

Gateway Park playground and trailGateway Park
1870 North 1400 West

Located in northwest Lehi near 2100 North, This 2.6-acre neighborhood park is a long strip of public space featuring a basketball court, restrooms, playground, walking paths and a pavilion.

Greens Park basketball courtsGreens Park
1850 West 1600 North

At approximately 4 acres, Greens Park offers a large amount of open space for soccer, football, or other uses. The park also has two basketball courts, playground equipment, and a pavilion.

Joseph D. Adams Memorial ParkJoseph D. Adams Memorial Park
1830 North Trinniman Lane

This mini park, named after fallen officer Joseph D. Adams, is approximately 2 acres and contains a monument to officers who have died in the line of duty.

Jordan Willows Park and trailJordan Willows Park
125 South River Way

Jordan Willows is a series of wetland parks throughout residential neighborhoods connected by trail. The parks include two playgrounds, a basketball court, trail system, and natural space.

Olympic Park monumentOlympic Park
2700 West Parkside Drive

Olympic Park is a 15-acre community park with a variety of sports opportunities, including baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis and football. The park also has a pavilion, playground equipment, restrooms and access to the Jordan River Parkway trail.

Point Meadow Park tennis courtsPointe Meadow Park
2100 North 2000 West

At approximately 5 acres, this neighborhood park offers a basketball court, a tennis court, playground equipment, and the skate park.  Learn more about the skate park.

Willow Haven ParkWillow Haven Park
2375 West 300 North

Willow Haven is approximately 4.2 acres and features playground equipment, a pavilion, and walking paths.


Downtown Lehi Parks

Allred ParkAllred Park
560 North 750 West

Just northwest of the Rodeo Grounds, this 5-acre park features basketball courts, soccer fields, restrooms, playground equipment and a pavilion.

Bandwagon ParkBandwagon Park
900 North 200 West

At 2 acres, Bandwagon Park is the home of the historic horse-pulled wagon used by the Lehi Silver Band. The park includes restrooms, two pavilions, playground equipment, and an outdoor stage.

Daughters of the Utah Pioneers ParkDaughters of the Utah Pioneers Park
100 West State Street

Daughters of the Utah Pioneers park is a mini park of less than 1/2 acres. The park provides open space along State Street and is the location of the former Lehi pioneer cemetery.

Somerset North Park pavilionSommerset North Park
1450 West Main Street

One of two parks in a residential subdivision off Main Street, Sommerset North Park is approximately 2 acres. This park includes playground equipment, a pavilion and walking paths.

Somerset South Park pavilion and playgroundSommerset South Park
1700 West 300 South

Sommerset South Park is approximately 3 acres. The larger of the two Sommerset parks includes playground equipment, a pavilion and open space for soccer or football.

Infield at Vets Ball ParkVeteran’s Ball Park
850 West Main Street

This 15-acre baseball complex features five baseball/softball fields, restrooms, playground equipment, and a concession stand (open during games).

Wines Park PavilionMargaret Wines Park
500 North 100 East

Lehi’s oldest park, Wines park sits in the center of downtown Lehi. This park is great for family and community gatherings, featuring 4 pavilions, two playgrounds, and plenty of shade.

Lehi Trails

Historic Rail Trail
Along the Historic Railroad, from approx. 4205 Chapel Ridge Road
to 300 West.

Jordan River Parkway Trail
West Lehi, runs along the Jordan River.

Murdock Canal Trail
Connects from Provo to Lehi, runs along Timpanogos Highway.

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