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Real Heroes, Great Examples

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What a hot summer we have had. We have been lucky to celebrate another great Round-Up Week, Fourth of July, and Foam Day. I enjoy meeting with each of you at these community events. You remind me why I love living and serving in Lehi.

Please indulge me as I take a moment to honor one of Lehi’s great residents. We were all saddened by the passing of John Haws, Jr., known by many as Mr. Lehi. John began his service to our community at the young age of 21 when he was elected to the city council. He devoted his life to serving Lehi, most recently as the director of the Lehi Historical Society and Archives. John founded the archives and was responsible for collecting 3,700 biographies and nearly 40,000 historical items.

It was a fitting tribute to have John and his wife Jeanette as our Grand Marshals for the Lehi Round-Up Celebration. He passed away only days later. Thanks to John, we are reminded about what makes Lehi such a great place to live. Our best wishes go to John’s wife and family.

Other Lehi residents have been affected by the loss of life this summer.  We had a group of young men in our community involved in a car accident while on a scouting trip. While we are grateful that the young men survived, we are saddened at the loss of their leader. We pray for those boys, the family members of those who have passed, and the emergency responders who face unimaginable situations as part of their daily jobs. We have lost some real heroes and great examples who left this life improving the lives of others.

We have several projects planned for the next few months. Our streets division is busy sealing roads. If you drive through it before it cures, you may end up with a spotted paint job and a special award for not paying attention. You will see many road closure signs as we make improvements to accommodate new infrastructure. Please do not ignore road closure signs. Be patient and it will get better.

We are also building and extending our trails, which are becoming a big part of our community recreation. We are working on getting mountain bike trails that will tie into corner canyon. We are also extending the rail trail to 100 East. These trails will take some time, but if we don’t start we won’t finish.

In the next couple of months we will be installing a new water main for pressurized irrigation on Center Street between 2600 North and 3200 North. This is main is critical to our system so we can’t start until after October 15, when the water is out of the system. We will be working in the intersection of 2600 North during UEA weekend (October 19-23). We are looking ahead and are hoping to minimize the impact of this project by planning it during fall break. More information will be made available as we get closer.

Have a safe summer and enjoy life.  It’s way too short if we don’t cherish the moments we have.  Take time to appreciate the flowers and the sights.  Enjoy each other and be grateful for what you have.

Mayor Bert Wilson


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