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Promote Positive Change

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It is the beginning of a new year and we all look forward to a fresh start. Many see it as an opportunity to promote goals that will enact positive change in their lives. Others hope to achieve the activities that they never quite accomplished last year. Some may want to spend more time with those they care about and others may want to vacation better than they have in recent years. Regardless of what you want from 2018, I’m certain your goals are to achieve something that will encourage a better life.

This new year holds significant change for me and my family as I am introduced to you as the new Mayor representing our wonderful city. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve but most importantly, I am excited for our future potential.

I view each new year as a great opportunity for positive change and I believe we can work together to solve difficult problems. As citizens, we often view issues from different perspectives and that is a good thing. I expect our city government to encourage an environment where everyone is comfortable in expressing their opinions and concerns with the anticipation that they have an important voice in our community. We have in Lehi, attentive elected officials willing to listen to the opinions of the public. My hope for the future is to identify more effective ways to communicate critical information and develop creative solutions that will not infringe on our constitutional values.

A goal that is very important to me is to find effective ways to better engage the public both in the community and in the local political process. I hope to produce opportunities for everyone to better understand how to effect change in our city. To know how to comment on important issues and the most effective time frames. I want our citizens to feel well represented and I hope they will understand the difficult role that the City Council, our legislative body, carries. Simply stated, my goal is to find ways to improve representation.

We are all very aware of the rapid growth in our city and adjusting to it has been very difficult. There are no quick solutions, but road improvements are on their way in many areas to ease the congestion. This upcoming year will require additional patience as construction begins on our most crowded roadways. Hopefully, we can all look forward to a more efficient road network with tolerance until completion.

Please join me in setting goals this year that will promote positive change in our lives and in our community. I am happy to serve and look forward to a wonderful year!


-Mayor Mark Johnson

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