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As we dive deeper into the new year and the new decade, especially with this being February, I wanted to take a minute to focus on some of the great things that are going on in and around Lehi. It’s so easy to focus on negative things so I wanted to highlight a few of the committees that, with resident volunteers, are doing some amazing things to make our city better.

Environmental Sustainability Committee

This is a new committee started last year and it is already being tasked with some very important things.

“No Idling” School Project The project assesses the PM 2.5 air quality standard of every elementary school in Lehi (including all of the charter schools) during drop o and pick up hours where the children enter the school while cars sit and idle. The results of this study should be done in early summer at which point the results will be shared with the individual schools, the school district, the city council, and the residents.

Recycling Education

We also just recently signed a new contract with Waste Management for our trash and recycling needs. The cost to us as a city (meaning us as residents) will vary based on how well we do with getting the correct things in our recycling bins. This is another opportunity for the Environmental Sustainability Committee to engage in public outreach to help us know what can and more importantly CAN NOT be placed in our recycling bins.

Parks, Trails, and Trees Committee

Lehi has for a number of years had access to some amazing paved trails with the Murdock Canal Trail and Jordan River Trails running through our city. These trails are even maintained during the winter months providing year-round accessibility, which is fantastic. Over the course of the past several years, the city has undertaken the development of some mountain biking/hiking trails in the hills of Traverse Mountain with the first trail loop (about 5 miles) being opened last year. This spring there be another ~4 miles added to this trail system. The thing that I think is fantastic about what has been accomplished thus far is that the trails built to this point and planned for this spring have been done through grants with matching from the city and/or businesses that are part of our community.

These are just a few examples of the great work being done across the city by our city sta and resident volunteers. I feel blessed to call Lehi home for my family and look forward to another amazing year in 2020 that we’ll build together!


– Paul Hancock

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