Life Is About What We Put Into It

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This is the greatest time of the year, yet most folks stress more than any other time. The holidays get a bit out of hand with the decorating, shopping, wrapping, parties, and food. Life shouldn’t be like this; we should enjoy every day to the max.

I love this time of year and the compassion that is shared by all. I love my neighbors and I look forward to wishing them Happy Holidays. I do my share of overeating and love to attend a good party. It’s no wonder I look like beef in the feed yard by spring!

I feel truly blessed to live in a home surrounded by people I love and in a community that cares for each other. I love the volunteers who work hard to take care of the sick or afflicted, donate time for special productions, or simply give a kind greeting to someone who needs a boost. Life is not what we get out of it, but what we put into it. My wish is that we can all enjoy this wonderful time of year, take the opportunity to make someone happy and bring a smile to those who need it.

Despite what it may look like now, the most wonderful time of the year typically comes with snow. I hope we get plenty of it. Remember that snow plows don’t turn on a dime. Whatever we can do to remove risk and make the job easier for our street workers is greatly appreciated.

If they aren’t plowing snow, our streets crew is pre-treating the roads with a salt brine to keep the snow melted. The brine makes a slimy substance that doesn’t do a lot for car finishes. During the winter months, please keep your cars, garbage cans, and other obstacles off of the side of the road. I know it’s easy to forget, but these obstacles can make it difficult or impossible to adequately plow the roads. Don’t blame the drivers if your car gets buried with snow or sprayed with brine. Their job is to keep the roads safe for everyone.

I hope this letter finds everyone healthy and happy and that the holidays were everything you’ve read about. As we reflect on the New Year, I encourage you to love more, complain less, serve like you’d like to be served, be grateful for what you have, envy not, and be happy to wake up each day to do it all over again. May you have a Happy New Year blessed with a lot of cheer and peace in your life.


Mayor Wilson

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